Why Aluminium Windows have a Greater Preference?

Aluminium has become part of our day to day lives and comes in various shapes and forms. Most of us are unaware of the fact that it’s renowned to be metal abundant in the earth’s crust. We don’t pay much attention to the beer can that we use that we simply throw it away, and we don’t brood about the composition and many other facts. So it’s high time that we have to realise the applications and uses of aluminium metal.

Some lesser-known facts about Aluminum: 

  • Owing to its high durability, unlike other metals, 15% of aluminium made per year is used for construction purposes.
  • 58.8 million metric tons of Aluminium was produced worldwide in the year 2016, exceeding the production of most of the metals. 
  • Aluminium is renowned to be a non-corrosive metal.  
  • The best thing about aluminium is that it’s 100% recyclable.
  • Aluminium is lightweight with a density of 2.7 g/cm3 
  • Aluminium reflects light and heat.


aluminium windows

Benefits Of Aluminum Metal


Rigidity of Aluminium

The reason why Aluminium is preferred for making frames for Windows is that it is very rigid. Not only for making beautiful Aluminium windows, Aluminium is preferred for making Aluminium doors, wall cladding, roofing, Aluminium partitions with Glass partitions and numerous other purposes. 

Highly Durable

The anti-corrosion property of aluminium makes it more preferable since they don’t corrode just like wood and you don’t have to paint it occasionally to prevent rusting. After many years you can see it not subjected to chunks of metal peeling off or rot, like other corrosive metals.

Electrical Conductivity

Aluminium is a great conductor of heat and electricity. Because of it’s stability when subjected to sunlight, the aluminium doors won’t expand or contract without causing any difficulty to shut or open. If you are greatly concerned with aesthetic beauty, then Aluminium Mashrabiya is apt for you, they provide great ventilation and hold any temperature. 


With great retention of the property while recycling, these days all the recyclable material proved to be useful for making aluminium, comprising of one-third of it. Figures estimate that per year about 100 billion cans made of aluminium are shipped and half of it is recycled. 


Aluminium windows



Light Weight

With lesser density and greater strength of Aluminium, only a few of the metal is required to make the frame since it will hold the glass with ease. Aluminium can hold comparatively large doors and windows, unlike other metals that need a massive framework. With it, the glass part will get more visibility, which can make it aesthetically appealing. 



If you are someone who is planning to change your old and boring wooden windows, then aluminium windows are perfect for you. You will get the apt look you want and you can get the most of modern windows. What’s great is that the aluminium frames are more economical compared to wooden frames and with a lot of benefits as well. 


A Brief Introduction About Aluminium Fabrication


The aluminium fabrication process is a bit different from that of the processes for other metals. In the process, Aluminum is extruded, by pulling the aluminium blank by way of a die to get the product in the desired shape you like. The extrusion process can be carried out as either a hot or cold process. Either the process is done by heating the metal or done at room temperature. 

Even though Aluminium is lightweight and has numerous other benefits, it has a tendency to moderately suffer breakage when subjected to force in specific ways. Extrusion in aluminium fabrication proves to be worthy since less stress is forced upon the metal, unlike other methods. Aluminium fabricators in Dubai ensure that the strength of Aluminium won’t diminish. 

Other methods are possible too, but Premium aluminium fabricators in Dubai do not guarantee the strength of Aluminium, which make it brittle. Unlike extrusion, other methods have the tendency to exert more stress on Aluminium. So better settle for Aluminium fabrication. 

After turning the raw materials to useful pieces, shaping, cutting, drilling are done. Aluminium can easily be split and quickly you can give shape, thus making it an ideal metal for construction. 

Aluminium fabrication has a very essential process of Recycling. It’s guaranteed that Aluminium is 100% recyclable. The recycled aluminium can be melted and processed again through the extrusion method. it will be worthy to recycle aluminium since aluminium has numerous purposes like Building, construction, transportation and packaging. 


aluminium windows


Uses And Benefits Of Aluminium Windows



If you are hesitant to spend much money on wooden frames, then Aluminium frames are comparatively more cost-effective. Strength and inexpensive are what defines aluminium, and Aluminium is 3 and 4.3 times more sturdy than PVC and wood respectively. 

Compared to Aluminium, timber needs high cost for maintenance carried out frequently, and if you ever waver in giving attention to it, the quality will drop drastically. 


Aluminium will endure time and break the shackles of rust, proving to be long-lasting. If given well maintenance, the aluminium windows offer no compromise to performance and beauty. No matter if you live in a coastal area or wettest place on earth, Aluminium windows will survive. And if you have a habit of replacing your glass windows occasionally since you reside in a windy area, then aluminium is suggested rather than wood. 

Limited Framework

Aluminium windows give that aesthetic feel that your mind desire and gives you more of the outside view. With Aluminium frames, the sunlight can peep in more compared to wooden frames, or desire for a better look since aluminium windows consume less frame encompassing the sides of the glass. This is better than the frames of uPVC frames. 

Aluminium Windows save you a great deal of money and make your home aesthetically appealing. Your home will definitely look more beautiful than before with Aluminium windows. But for assurance, the installation should be done only by a skilled professional. More of benefits and limited drawbacks. Just go for it.