What is PVC strip curtains?

Many times you have heard about ‘PVC Strip Curtains‘, this whole three-term has gained so much popularity and importance nowadays. Here let’s discuss PVC strip curtains, its type, and uses.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is one form of plastic and the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. Quality plastics provide high resistance against different chemicals, durability with long-lasting effects and their flame retardant properties. Hence it is becoming beneficial in our daily life.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is manufactured from a petrochemical byproduct called Ethylene. There is a lot of uproar against plastic and plastic products because it is considered harmful and can take a very long time to decompose. But the truth is the world can’t revolve without them.

Poly Vinyl Chloride comes out into two types, Rigid type and flexible type. The rigid form of PVC is used in construction for doors, windows and profile application like pipe construction. This is also used for food-covering sheets, non-food packaging, development of bank-related or membership cards and also used in making bottles. Plastic’s physical properties can be changed with agents like plasticisers that strengthen the elasticity, stabilizers that preserve them from heat and UV rays, flame retardants and influence modifiers for durability.

PVC strip curtains take a new altered face for plastic. Plastic is shaped into thin rollable sheets and strips and hence used as PVC strip curtain in areas were cleaner, secure and organized workplace is required. Strip curtain is also known as strip doors, and they are placed out of flexible transparent overlying thin PVC sheets placed at the open doorways.

PVC strip is used in various application such as placed at the open doorways, and this method promotes the passage of vehicles and human traffic. PVC strip also acts as a barrier guarding the environment against temperature loss, insects and pollutants. They also act as ‘wind tunnel’ effect caused due to opening and closing doors.

Now let’s discuss the different types of PVC strip curtain.


PVC strip curtain


Transparent / Clear PVC Strip Curtains

Transparent PVC strip curtain or Clear PVC curtain provides significant transparent effect and also is the most preferred product for loading and unloading areas in warehouses. Other tremendous advantages of transparent PVC strip curtains are it reduces heat, cold and other humility-loss. It prevents flies, dust, birds from entering the warehouse working area. This type of curtain also has the capacity to reduce noise and provide large energy conservation. Maintenace of transparent PVC strip curtain is very easy using plain water.


PVC strip curtain


Anti Static PVC Strip Curtain

Anti Static PVC Strip curtain has many advantages technologically, this type of curtains are designed for cleanroom applications and also used as a shield between exteriors involving electrical and electronic workshops. Anti-Static PVC strip curtain is mainly used where temperatures which range from 0C to +65C. Now let’s discuss its uses one by one

  • Anti Static PVC strip is primarily manufactured to reduce the static charge linked with plastic strip and diffuses the same back into the atmosphere.
  • Anti Static Strip curtains have a good conductor surface, thus preventing severe damages to semiconductors and integrated circuits. Hence it is used to protect fragile electronic components from Electro Static Discharge – which is produced by rapid variation of electrostatic charge between two objects.

Anti Static strip curtain product is in high demand in today’s market as they reduce the damage caused in semiconductors.


PVC strip curtain

Insect – Amber PVC Strip Curtains

Insect-Amber PVC Strip Curtains are mainly used in the food processing unit. This type of curtain is translucent yellow; this contains oils of citronella which act as a hindrance to flying insects from entering the food processing and storage unit. Light in any room can attract various insects; this type of curtain effectively block the sun, which in turn prevents the insects. This also blocks UV rays which help to protect your personal electronic gadgets kinds of stuff and is also much effective method for controlling temperatures between interior and exterior. This type of strip curtain is also known as no-bug strip doors.


PVC strip curtain

Cold Storage Curtains

Cold Storage curtains as the name suggest, it is used in places where freezing is significant and the best way to prevent the cold air from escaping out. And immense care has to be taken when food products like meat, vegetable and fish are taken under refrigeration. They eventually protect from temperature loss by reducing the loss of energy. While using traditional doors, there will be loss of temperature while opening and closing doors and this loss are prevented by cold storage curtain. This type of curtains is also known as polar grade curtains.


PVC Strip curtain


Welding Curtains

Welding curtains are primarily used in mechanical workshops and automotive plants where the process of welding is done. This type of curtains is composed of a laminated vinyl material that has enormous tensile strength and blocks out harmful UV rays effectively. Welding curtains are manufactured such that it contains fumes, noise and temperatures that the welding process creates.


PVC strip curtain

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