Transform Your Extension Extra Cool With Folding Doors

Folding doors are internal or external room partitions that open by folding back in sections. Folding doors are the all-time favorite of architects for the practical and aesthetic factors of it.

Folding doors opening to socializing areas present a welcoming look and feel to your space, increasing the energy and spaciousness. 

folding doors



Installing an aluminium folding door has the added advantage of strength, security, aesthetics, precision, practicality etc. With aluminium, strong is not bulky anymore. Sturdy and slim aluminium folding doors have an added advantage of low maintenance. Installation and maintenance charges are low, making folding doors a cost-effective wow factor of your room.


folding doors

Thermally efficient aluminium folding doors are the best choice for all climates whether it is hot, cold or humid. They reflect most of the light that falls on it and significantly reduce glare. Even when folding doors offer high ventilation and view of scenic beauty, security and privacy assurance is not compromised.


Unmatched style of aluminium folding doors can be customised to the required shape, size and colour. They are designed to open to the right, left, outward or inward according to space where they belong to.


Cleaning bifold doors are so easy that you can do it solely. Once a year, cleaning is recommended for usual climatic conditions. If you stay near the sea or in the mid-city where pollution and dust are more cleanings should be done every 3 or 6 months as it can adversely affect its performance.


The elements that make up a folding door are panels, sliding track, brackets, hangers and fixing plates, folding door bottom guide, pivot sets, end clip, hinges, handles etc.


Folding doors have broad areas of applications, and a few are listed below:



Folding wall pulls out the separation between indoor and outdoor spaces making your room more lively and bright. A living room or kitchen with folding doors looks more spacious than before.



folding walls are the best choice to showcase your service to attract more business. Minimal cluttering effect is obtained by maximising space in a store.


Destination properties

Take advantage of the scenic beauty of the place to give a memorable experience to your guests. Folding walls in the balcony, suites provide a five-star touch for your space. 


folding doors

Zero post corner

View of space is least blocked with a zero post corner. Dead corner spaces are transformed into valuable space of activity thereby.


Cabinet doors

Most creative application of folding door, redefining heights of convenience. With minimal door protrusion, we achieve efficient use of space.