Tips to Clean Glass Windows and Glass Partition Like a Pro

If asked for a task which is quite hard to do in your home, it will be

maintaining the glass objects clean. Many find it difficult to clean glass to perfection. And if there are more objects containing glass, then the task will be more. Moreover, glass partition poses the problem of getting imprinted with fingerprints, and it takes more time to clean it. But cleaning glass will be the toughest, suppose if you are residing in an apartment. You won’t be able to clean high-rise Aluminium windows and have to seek the help of professionals. Suppose if you manage to reach a place that is beyond reach, but what matters is you are using the apt cleaning method or not. Cleaning glass surface won’t be a burden if you follow these tips:


Glass Railing


hand rail


Nowadays, the majority of people prefer over wooden railing, by fixing a glass railing in their home. Not only it gives an elegant look, but it is also very light as well. Moreover, for cleaning a wooden railing, all you need is a dry cloth, but you should be more cautious while cleaning a glass railing. If asked for a simple way to clean a glass railing, then anyone will first suggest cleaning with a wet cloth on both of its sides. 


Glass railings are comparatively durable but if you came to spot any grime on it, then it will be better if you clean it early. Just make a mix of water and vinegar and take time to clean the grime. But if the problem is with dust and dirt accumulated in the glass partition surface, all you need to do is just use a dry cloth. Remember, cleaning dust and dirt is much easier when compared to other cleaning tasks. 


Standard Window


Aluminium windows


It’s much easier to clean a standard window since these windows are placed so that it’s easy for reaching your hands. You will be done with cleaning, merely by using a sponge and a cleaning solution. You can save money by using abandoned clothes as well. For those who are running out of solution or not ready to use chemicals on a glass partition, then simply use some water and vinegar. 


Homemade solutions work well than that of chemical solutions, cheaper and with fewer side effects. All you need to do is mix rubbing alcohol, water, and vinegar. Also, you can use a combination of both isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar, which is much more effective than other cleaning solutions available in the market. You can not only use this solution in windows but other surfaces as well. This is applicable to aluminium windows with glass as well. 


Sliding or Folding Doors


Aluminium Doors


The most commonly used material to separate different areas is a floor to ceiling glass partition. But you will find difficulty in cleaning the panels because of its length. It’s ideal to use a sponge or wiper in such cases, thus saving your valuable time. 


Just soak a dirt-free rag in the cleaning solution and wet the surface to dissolve the dirt. But the choice of cleaning either the interior or exterior is completely upon you. Wait for a few minutes and just wipe off the residue on the folding doors with a dry cloth. Just start from the top and end at the bottom. Using a microfibre cloth just spread the cleaning solution and don’t wait for the solution to settle and just wipe it off using a squeegee. This is to avoid any streaks on the glass partition surface of folding doors. Just do likewise on the other side as well. This is applicable to aluminium doors with glass as well. 


Loft windows


Cleaning this will be difficult altogether when your goal is to illuminate your living room. And the major problem comes when you’re trying to clean it. Unlike normal windows, it’s just above your head, which makes cleaning it a difficult task. But you can clean the glass from inside, but it’s impossible to clean it from outside. This calls for seeking professional help.


So let’s look into the method of cleaning a loft window from inside. You can use a material like a scratch-proof sponge, clean and soft cloth, or squeegee. If you want just a quick wipe then just using water will be enough. But if you want it perfectly clean then use any cleaning solution and just wipe it off with a squeegee or a cloth. 




Gym Mirror


Cleaning the mirror surface is no different from that of others. It’s better to use a cotton cloth for cleaning purposes since you will waste your time cleaning with other cloth material. Moreover, you can spray either water or other cleaning solution to aid the cleaning process. 


If you aren’t satisfied with the results, then you can try the vinegar method. Just mix both water and vinegar and just spray it into the microfiber cloth and wipe it into the mirror and you’re done. 


Shower Cabin


shower cabin


When compared to plastic shower cabins, glass partition shower cabins look more designer made than its counterpart. But one can spot a stain in a glass shower cabin because of calcium and salt content seen in the water and it’s not very easy to get rid of the stain. By wiping the cabins after every usage, it will be easy to maintain the shower cabin, which makes recurrent cleaning much easier. 


Another effective trick to clean shower cabin is to mix both baking soda and water and apply the thick paste to the doors and wash it off with vinegar. Then you can remove the excess residue using a squeegee. Using it will be much better since your hands won’t be messy and also save you a lot of time while cleaning. 


Glass Table



See-through glass is more often used for making a wide variety of tables. But it’s easier to spot stains made of beverages like tea or coffee because it’s transparent, and you will find difficulty in cleaning it. The only thing you need to do is use a wet cloth and wipe the surface using some soap water. 


Tips for Effective Cleaning


We often ignore the corners while cleaning glass partition surfaces. Residue builds up in the corners, and we find it difficult to clean it. This issue can be quickly solved using a cotton swab. Yes! You heard it right. More often, we find it difficult to clean such areas with larger cleaning equipment. It’s small in size but perfect for cleaning corners. 


While cleaning, always work from the top towards the bottom. This will prevent streaks to a greater extent. Some of us have a tendency of starting from downwards, which makes cleaning more difficult. Since all the solution tends to go down to the area you haven’t applied, it’s better to clean from upwards. In this way, you can ensure that there isn’t any solution remaining in your already cleaned surface. 


Be generous while using a cleaning solution, since using a small amount of it won’t dissolve all the dirt accumulated on the surface and leave behind streaks as well. 


Choose the right cloth material for cleaning. Either choose paper or microfibre cloth for cleaning instead of a cotton towel. Cotton gives off lint, which can easily accumulate on the glass surface. Using newspapers isn’t good either- glass partition surfaces won’t absorb its ink but your hands will turn dirty. But newspapers can make your surface clean too! 


It will be ideal to choose a cloudy day and not a sunny day. This is because while cleaning the glass surface, the solution might evaporate, because its hot, leaving behind streaks, and you will find it difficult to remove it. So it will be better if you choose a cloudy day for cleaning. 


Choosing the apt water is something that most of us are ignorant of. It’s better to mix vinegar with distilled water, and not tap water. This is because streaks appear while using tap water. Because it has impurities, tap water leaves streaks on a glass surface. 




But while cleaning glass partition surfaces, never forget about the frame of aluminium window or aluminium doors, or even frame made of wood. You most often ignore water dripping down from such surfaces which can badly affect the frame. Therefore better cover the frame using a cloth. The cloth acts like protection and takes in the excess residue. 


Cleaning will be effective only if you use the right cleaning method. And most of the tricks mentioned here are easy to try since most of these objects are available in our home. Cleaning glass partition surfaces means your home will look more beautiful than before. Every time you spend a lot of time cleaning it only to get a glass surface which isn’t satisfying! With the wrong ways of cleaning, most often we ruin the glass surfaces with streaks and go for professional cleaners and spend a lot of money. Be it window, door or railing, with the right cleaning method your glass partition surface will be shiny, sparkling clean and saves your valuable money.