Step by Step Aluminium Fabrication Process for the Best Quality Aluminium

Step by Step Aluminium Fabrication Process for the Best Quality Aluminium

Being an element amply found in the earth’s crust, Aluminium has dominance over other metals because of its favourable properties and excellent performance. Dating back to history, it’s a fun fact that aluminium has more value when compared to gold and silver, which are valuable these days. The former president of France, Napoleon III, plated up food on plates made of Aluminium.


The reasons for aluminium being the most preferred metal being its robust quality, flimsy, non-corrosive, and recyclable and much more to add with these. 


Quality of aluminium is ensured even before the process of fabrication. Even the recycled element is preferred for the process. The metal in its unfinished form goes through various processes. The process for other metals is distinctive from the aluminium fabrication process. We at Rainbow Aluminium as the Best Aluminium Fabricators in Dubai we ensure that the strength of aluminium won’t wane.


Why Rainbow Aluminium?


aluminium fabrication process

Through all these years, Rainbow Aluminium has been providing fabrication process, with perfection as the goal. As one of the premium aluminium fabricators in Dubai, we know the requirements of our clients. 


At Rainbow Aluminium, a premium aluminium fabricators in Dubai provide services like installation of aluminium mashrabiya, louver fabrication, gym mirror installation, roller change, aluminium windows, aluminium partitions, aluminium doors, glass partition and much more.


The dominance of aluminium is only because it undergoes rigid procedures in order to be long-lasting. Aluminium fabrication process encompasses heating and purifying. Let’s catch a glimpse of two main techniques that aluminium fabricators use to get the ultimate product.


Refining Method And Smelting Method


In the refining process, Bauxite is mixed with the sedimentary rock and caustic soda. 

All these are later ground, which results in a slurry. The aluminium compound is made to break down by subjecting the slurry in high pressure. The resultant liquid is next separated into both impurities and another solution. This solution is made to pass through a filter. 


The second process involves smelting which is a rather complex in aluminium fabrication process. Electric currents are passed into the solution where both aluminium and oxygen particles rapidly separate. A carbon rod is placed into which the oxygen particles are drawn to, where CO2 is made. Whereas the remaining aluminium particles will settle downwards. It should be taken into notice that the aluminium is of superior quality. After these steps, the aluminium is processed. Then it’s ready to be dispatched to the suppliers and requires machinery to shape and cut the aluminium. 


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Cold Pressing


This method is employed mainly to shape the aluminium, any way you like. The aluminium slug is subjected to extreme pressure to acquire shape. This is done with the help of hydraulic. The process is done under high temperature, the process is also done when the metal is cold. It is also known as cold stamping. 


Tapping And Drilling Method


aluminium fabrication process

Another process through which you can get hold of aluminium is the tapping and drilling method, which is a very successful method. This process is done with the help of machinery where the metal is moulded into microns of a particular size. The secondary product is then used for various industries


CNC Machining 


Computer Numerical Control Machining is mainly done with the help of a machine. Merely by entering data into the machine, the aluminium can be shaped according to the requirement. Moreover, you will get parts with an accurate dimension with this technique. Surgical tools, aeroplane parts can be easily made with this technique.


The aluminium fabrication process has a very vital method of recycling. One good thing about aluminium fabrication is that aluminium is completely recyclable. With the extrusion method, the aluminium that is recycled can be processed once again. 


Aluminium, is known for its flexibility, is used for a variety of purposes, by which it undergoes extreme heat and pressure. But even with it, the features of aluminium won’t diminish. Only a skilled person knows the apt method for aluminium fabrication process for a particular requirement. 


Depending on the kind of aluminium fabrication needed, one should rely on adept aluminium fabricators in Dubai. That’s where the relevance of Rainbow Aluminium is. We know the appropriate method. We know how to tackle a problem during the fabrication process. We also know what one should follow to make it an effective aluminium fabrication process. 


Moreover, aluminium won’t be influenced under magnetic field. Therefore it is suitable for a lot of uses, through compounding it with various other compounds. 


aluminium fabrication process


Some Interesting Facts About Aluminium


  • Third to oxygen and silicon in terms of content in the earth’s crust.
  • Aluminium played a key role in making the aeroplane’s engine. 
  • 75% of aluminium is recycled. 
  • Because of the reflective nature of aluminium, it is used for making an essential part of the telescope. 
  • The natural satellite moon contain aluminium content.
  • Aluminium is used for making fireworks because of its combustible nature.
  • It has great flexibility. 
  • Aluminium is known for its resistance to corrosion. 
  • Fondly called as wonder metal and metal of kings.
  • Early usage of aluminium can be spotted in Ancient Greece. 
  • With great flexibility in store, one can easily mould it to any shape they like, making it one of the ductile metal among metals. 


Large scale production of aluminium denotes a huge industry. A generally used aluminium fabrication process is cutting where the sheets are divided into small parts. Rainbow Aluminium, being a premium aluminium fabricators in Dubai, uses advanced methods to guarantee that the order is fulfilled to the expected specifications. Moreover, we are gratified that we understand client needs and perfect our methods in days to come. One of the most common things in most advanced homes and other buildings are aluminium fabricated parts like aluminium doors, aluminium windows, railings and much more. 


aluminium fabrication process


Even though other metals possess features as that of aluminium, it won’t be equivalent to that of the features that aluminium have. Through aluminium fabrication, many basic parts of a car, ship, aeroplane and many more are made. With a wide range of fabrications done, the process is done only by experts, and in the future, a lot of things can be produced with aluminium. 

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