Sliding Door – The New Architectural Beauty Ad-On to Modern Buildings

A sliding door is a type of door that you can open or close by sliding through a track. Normally a sliding door is either suspended from a track or mounted on a track and has rollers underneath. It either has a single panel or double panel and is available with or without hinges.

A sliding door is a great alternative to ordinary, traditional doors, especially in homes with space limitation. By opting for a sliding door, you can save a lot of space. These days, its popularity has tremendously increased, since it looks stylish, trendy and most importantly, saves a lot of space.

sliding door
Benefits of Sliding Door

Sliding doors are a great option, because of the varied benefits it has such as-

Space Saving- Instead of swinging open, a sliding door can be opened or closed by moving it along a track. Some sliding doors do not have a hinge, and instead, have rollers underneath. The panels of a sliding door slide over one another, saving a substantial amount of space. Besides this, the door arc does not need extra space.

Energy Efficiency- If you have a sliding door, your home remains cool in the summer season and warm during the winter season. Sliding doors with a composite gasket is an effective sound barrier and a weather barrier where it keeps away rain and dust.

Safety- Nowadays, every sliding door is manufactured with shatterproof safety glass. It’s much better to use sliding doors with aluminium seals, composite gaskets and fixed leaves. Thus, sliding doors with all these features ensure safety.

Indoor and Outdoor Flow- If you have a sliding door in your home, it provides an unobstructed view of your garden landscape and lets in a lot of light inside. Also, there will be a seamless flow between the outdoor and indoor area of your home.

Easy Access- You can move a sliding door easily through its track. If you want to open or close the door, all you need to do is gently move it along a track. You can easily move the door if you want to enter into the outdoor area, especially during summer.

Glazing- There is an option for glazing your sliding doors. The main advantages of this type of sliding door are that it prevents harmful UV rays from entering into your home and also reduces energy loss. It also prevents issues on a Folding Doors such as condensation and frosting of glass.


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Types of Sliding Doors

Pocket Sliding Doors

A Pocket sliding door consists of a single panel, where you can slide the panel into a space in the wall. Because of this, this type of sliding door is normally used for compact rooms. Unlike traditional doors, pocket sliding doors lack hinges. You can use it as a bedroom door, closet door, pantry door according to your personal preferences.


These doors are available in various unique looks. Nowadays, you can easily find a wooden sliding door in numerous attractive wooden finishes. Sliding doors are not only available in traditional styles, such as the wooden doors, it is also available in a contemporary style as well.

Bypass Doors

A bypass door has panels that are suspended from its tracks. To open or close a bypass door, you can gently move it along the track. It’s very convenient to use a bypass door.


Bypass doors are available in various visual styles, and the most common type is a wooden bypass door. It’s not very difficult to install these doors in your home. This type of sliding door can be used to divide living spaces for privacy reasons or can be used as a closet door. A wooden bypass door is normally used as a closet door. The use of bypass doors doesn’t end here- it is also used as a bathroom door since it suits such a space.


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Patio Sliding Doors

Most people associate sliding doors to patios, even though sliding doors are used in other areas of a home as well. The reason behind this association is that this type of sliding door is much more convenient and looks beautiful if the patio has a picturesque view. Even though there are various styles of a patio sliding door, the most common patio door has two panels where one panel is fixed, and the other can be moved.

For an unobstructed view of the other side, some patio doors are made of thick glass panels. Patio doors are made such that it’s highly durable and are also available in ornate, beautiful forms. If you have children, it’s better if you opt for sliding doors with tough glass.

Sliding Bifold Doors

Even though these doors are bi-fold, it still functions as a sliding door and is very convenient. When you open a sliding bi-fold door, both halves of the door slide over one another. Pantries normally have a sliding bi-fold door. Unlike pocket doors, a sliding bi-fold door doesn’t save much space, but it works great!

If you need both the convenience of a sliding door and the look of a bi-fold door, then this type of sliding door is a good choice. Besides pantries, you can also use sliding bi-fold doors in the closet space as well. Without much difficulty, you can get these doors installed.

Shoji Door

A shoji door is a type of sliding door most widely used in Japan. These doors are mainly made of wood and paper. Shoji doors are beautiful and will beautify your abode. What makes a shoji door different from other sliding doors is that instead of glass, it uses paper. Therefore, you have to be careful while using a shoji door, otherwise the paper can tear.

You can definitely choose Shoji doors if you love Japanese traditional interior design. These doors let in a lot of light, and thus a room will be bright. These doors are most commonly used in patio areas, but it is suitable for other areas as well.


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Features of Sliding Door

Ball-bearing Rollers

For a smooth sliding of the doors, without any sound, a sliding door should have ball-bearing rollers, since it muffles the sound. When it has the right ball-bearing rollers, the doors won’t make any sound. This feature is much essential for a closet sliding door. Heavy-duty hardware is used to install closet doors. Therefore, you don’t have to be bothered about whether it is not strong enough for regular usage.

Tempered Glass

It’s much better to go for a sliding door with a tempered glass option. A sliding door with tempered glass will last longer, since it can’t be broken easily, either during normal usage or accidentally.

Nowadays, a vast majority of sliding doors have tempered glass in it. Installing a sliding door with fragile glass in your home is riskier if you have children in your home.


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Snap-lock Closing

A snap-lock closing is normally used for accordion doors. If you want to close the sliding door tightly, then all you need is a snap-lock closing. You can know whether or not you have closed a door properly by snapping the lock in place. This ensures that you don’t leave your doors slightly open and also ensures that you have locked the door properly every time you close it.

If you are looking for a door for your new home or plans to upgrade your current door, a sliding door will be the best option. Sliding doors are very stylish and trendy, but the only thing that you need to ensure is that you need to choose the sliding door that meets all your requirements. Contact Rainbow Aluminium to get the best services.