Weather seal replacement | Door Seal

Weather seal replacement | Door Seal Replacement

Doors and windows have a rubber or brushed sealant running along the joint lines between the glass and aluminium frame or between the door/window and the sash. These are put in place to prevent the entry of dust, dirt, water etc present on the outside from entering into the home or the interior of the space. After a few years these might require replacement as the rubber tends to get worn out and this affects the seal of the window or door.

We at Rainbow Aluminium can do complete annual periodic maintenance for individual homes, residential or office buildings.

Rainbow’s is the best Door Seal Replacement company in Dubai, and its door seal and window weather seal services have gained trust and respect among customers for its quality service for the past years. From simple fixes to complicated installations, our valued customers consider us as we are professional, cost-effective and time-bound in our works. 

One of the main advantages of replacing the old and torn weather seal is that it will save your energy bill and improve the safety of your space.

We offer the best for our customers, and so we take the utmost care in selecting the parts and components for you. Our seals work doubly hard in all weather conditions preventing the dust and water from entering your space. Our professional team of technicians makes sure that your objective is met with no compromise in the quality and security of the service.

No job is small for us, feel free to contact, and you will be our priority.

Choices of Door Seal Stripping

At hardware stores and home improvement stores, weather stripping is available without any shortage. Since it is cheaper and easy to install, with the passage of time, the product has the risk of fragility and weakness.


Adhesive-backed foam tape is very easy to install and inexpensive and better if you place it in the closing area of a window sill or door frame. But it lasts to a minimum of 3 years and maximum of 5 years. 


V-shaped weather stripping is a strip apt for a tight-fitting door and double-hung windows. It shuts the gap and prevents leakage in door seal and windows.


V-shaped vinyl ,the durability of which is questionable, and won’t last longer than adhesive-backed foam tape. But if you choose a bronze or a copper style, then it has much more durability and should be fixed with a fastener. Moreover, the installation process of this tape is much easier.


Tubular Rubber or Vinyl Gaskets, if attached to a fastener, has the potential to last longer, and its chosen as a door seal replacement because it’s very effective. It fits both big gaps and flat ones. It is most commonly used to seal large or shapeless gaps. 

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