Stainless Steel Cladded Doors

Stainless Steel Cladded Doors

With a strong aluminium section core we at Rainbow Aluminium also fabricate stainless steel 316 grade cladded doors for special custom requirements.

Usually made for banks, financial institutions, embassies and luxury boats.

Customer can choose from mirror finish, brush finish, gold and silver color finishes.

Heavy duty hinges, rollers, push bars, tower bolts, multi point locking systems are all available for a customer to choose from depending on the application and location of the doors to be installed.


Stainless steel door have been in the mainstay of architectural works due to its wide range of benefits like durability, cleanliness, aesthetically pleasing, etc.

Rainbow stainless steel door is a piece of art rather than just a metal door. We design customized stainless steel doors that best suite the specification and requirements of our customers, so if you need it, we make it for you.

From a single product to thousands of products for a big project, Rainbow Aluminium can supply it all. Stainless steel door are the best option not only because of their aesthetic attributes but also due to its reliability and safety features. Our highlighting product features include enduring shine, polished design, excellent grip. We extend our service to industrial, commercial and architectural firms.