Shop Fronts

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Shop Fronts

Our aluminium shop fronts are designed specifically to meet the needs of commercial ground floor treatment. Rainbow Aluminium offers powder coated or anodized aluminium framed shop fronts or frameless glass shop fronts in various configurations to suit custom retail requirements,commercial entrances and shopping centres.

The first impression is the best impression, and so we have to give considerable attention to how we present before our customers. Shopfront describes the business to our clients in the simplest but effective way. Storefront usually refers to the retail setting where they use high glass walls and metal claddings to define the structure. A useful storefront is one that shows the maximum display of product to the customers without they physically enter the store. The primary interior use of shopfront is in malls or schools, and light exterior light commercial application.

Aluminium shop front is the best consideration when presenting our business to the public. Aluminium metal has numerous advantages over the other metals, lightweight, versatility and durability are few among them. Aluminium shop front is also an environmental-friendly choice as it is recyclable and contains a high percentage of recycled metals. The strength of Aluminium protect your store from theft and improves the store’s security.

The complete process in short note is as follows:

From the study of your site, we create a plan that meets your needs. After approval from your behalf, we render it and expertly produce the components for the assignment involving the latest technology. Lastly, installation is done that makes your imaginations materialized.