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PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtain in UAE is an easy way to section off areas of a facility or warehouse building.PVC strip curtains from Rainbow Aluminium offer energy savings as well as temperature barriers in industrial, commercial and food service industries. A highly versatile product line, vinyl PVC strip doors can be used to block noise, wind, dust, cold, odor, fumes, and even insects.

Most importantly, using these clear curtain walls will drastically drop your energy bills, and they are available in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and sizes to meet your facility’s individual requirements.

Strip curtains hold up in harsh conditions, avoiding wear and tear through long periods of use. You can use them for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Walk-in refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Warehouses
  • Loading dock doors
  • Crane ways
  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Fume containment and extraction
  • Trailer doors
  • Welding facilities
  • Forklift entries
  • Refrigeration & freezer doors
  • Keep dust and dirt out of work areas
  • Reduce energy costs by 30% or more.
  • Permitting quick access for people or machinery when a door is not feasible

PVC is a material that effectively resists chemical corrosion, harsh weather, abrasion and electric shock. Its durability ensures that it will endure through extensive periods of use, and it will remain intact for many years under varying conditions.Many configurations of plastic pvc strip curtains and others are available to meet a facility’s specific space requirements.The reason that PVC is an ideal material for curtain wall systems is because of its combined damage resistance, and overall strength. It is easily cut and shaped to form strong strip doors that work for many different types of locations.

PVC strip door curtains offer the kind of strength many industries need in order to protect facilities from a variety of conditions. With this durable material, you will find a cost-effective partitioning solution that will last for years.

Our curtain walls are useful in warehouse separation, manufacturing plants, auto repair shops and many other applications across U.A.E. We have carried out many PVC Strip curtain installations in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.

Industrial PVC strip curtains are an economical solution to stop up to 30% energy loss resulting from a lack of heating or cooling containment. These industrial curtain walls are manufactured from the highest-grade PVC that is smooth, highly flexible and transparent.
Can choose from Yellow, Blue, Clear, Black , Red or Green colors. Clear is always available in stock whereas the other colors are ordered as per requirement and will have to meet a minimum order quantity.

We can deliver PVC strip curtain in UAE with or without installation anywhere in Dubai or any emirate in U.A.E.
Can supply it as rolls, or custom cut lengths with stainless steel accessories or sliding systems.

Why Choose Rainbow Aluminium for PVC Strip Curtain?

PVC strip curtain is a transparent door, made using highly durable Polyvinyl chloride. A PVC strip curtain is preferred because of the various advantages it has like keeping a place free from any dirt and lessening noise levels etc. A PVC strip curtain is known in other names such as strip doors, vinyl strips or simply strip curtain or PVC strips. By fixing a PVC strip curtain, you can easily split an area into two and improve circulation. So let’s see why you should go for a PVC strip curtain.


Saves Energy and Maintains Temperature


This is the first and foremost reason why a PVC strip curtain is chosen whereby you can lessen energy loss within a particular area. A PVC strip curtain is most commonly used in cold storage, and it does the job of maintaining the temperature and prevents heating up. The same is with the case of an air-conditioned room.


pvc strip curtain


Moreover, when compared to a normal door, a PVC strip door is considered as most effective since it opens partially, normally to the area where a person passes and not completely, like how normal doors open. It is estimated that a PVC strip curtain prevents air loss up to 80%, be it heated or cooled air. A PVC strip curtain facilitates the easy traffic flow of a person or their vehicle. Some areas, such as food storage units, require a regulated temperature. Temperature can be regulated with PVC strip curtains.


Keeps Out Air Pollutants 


Unlike normal doors, a PVC strip curtain is worth fixing because of its ability to keep out air pollutants, such as dust, grime, smoke, to name a few. Besides, PVC strip curtains prevent contaminants from entering a particular space, and its movement to other areas. The door opening- be it small or large, is ideal for fixing a PVC strip curtain. Unlike normal doors, you don’t have to bother opening and closing the door whenever you go through it. You can easily pass through a PVC strip curtain along with any machinery.


Reduces Noise 


pvc strip curtain

Any person who works in a noise prone area faces the problem of noise from machinery. And if that person is exposed to loud noise daily, then working can be difficult and distracting for them. There comes the relevance of installing a PVC strip curtain. But it isn’t possible to put an end to this noise completely, with a sound shield PVC strip curtain, you can fix the issue to an extent. It is proved that these PVC strip curtain can reduce noise up to 17 decibels.


Prevents Bird or Insect Entry

PVC strip curtains are perfect for preventing the ingress of not only birds and insects but unwanted pests, vermin, etc., from one area to another. This means you don’t have to lessen natural light inside. A PVC strip curtain will be a blessing for food industries where contamination of food items is a great issue. Not only in the food industry but in other industries where the products will not be covered as such.


Ensures Workers Comfort


With a hectic work nature and other distractions in the form of noise, there is a chance that the productivity may drop. Separating rooms or lessening noise can improve the focus of workers. This can be done through a PVC strip curtain.

A PVC strip curtain maintains the temperature, facilitates swift access and doesn’t restrict natural light from entering into the room, which means better employee comfort and better productivity. Be it a small door opening or a much larger opening, a PVC strip curtain is the best solution for maintaining temperature and maintaining cleanliness.


Divides Large Area and Facilitates Smooth Entry


Not only does a PVC strip curtain ensure comfort, but it can also be used to divide a specific area into different departments as well. For instance, one section can be allotted to the production team and another section to the office workers of a building and there is no separation among employees.


Fixing PVC door curtains will avoid the need for creating any walls or doorways as such. This comes with the benefit of much-needed privacy to people and facilitates the entry of machinery if needed.


Low Maintenance

Another reason why a PVC strip curtain is preferred is because of its low or no maintenance. When compared to normal industrial doors, these PVC strip curtains don’t contain any moving parts and have no risk of breakdown. And you don’t have to bother about any unwanted maintenance costs. Besides, they are very easy to install too and don’t require an expert to do the same.


Easy to Pass-Through


It doesn’t matter if the employees are walking or moving a vehicle, with a PVC strip curtain you can easily pass through from one area to another. In other words, these curtains are great for areas with high traffic. Moreover, while using a normal door, with the constant opening and shutting a lot of temperatures inside can be affected and the noise will disrupt ongoing work.




Besides all the benefits considered together, a PVC strip curtain is inexpensive. The installation process is easy, with less maintenance. Since PVC strip curtain retains the temperature, a lot of money that will otherwise be spent on energy bills is saved.

The industrial door is a costly option to consider, and preferring a PVC strip curtain is much better. For people considering the budget, go for a PVC strip curtain.



PVC Strip curtain

PVC strip curtain is made with the main emphasis given to durability. It won’t easily be prone to damage and made keeping in mind that it should be easy for people or machinery to pass through. People or machinery tend to pass through these PVC strip curtains frequently. Therefore it is made such that it can sustain the stress on it.




Since PVC strip curtain is known as a transparent door, it has a lot of benefits. One is that the employees can see others coming from the opposite end, thus avoiding any collision. Moreover, the employees aren’t completely separated from each other. Since the curtain is transparent, sunlight can seep in and the area won’t be much dim because there is sufficient light. Thus these curtains ensure safety.


Reduces Delays


It is most likely that the employees go in and out frequently through PVC strip curtains, which means the temperature in that area will be changed, and the employees have to be exposed to loud noises, which impacts productivity. Since these curtains shut itself, there is no need to open it every time anyone goes through it. Installing a PVC strip curtain will fix all these issues.


PVC strip curtain

Through these years, doors have evolved in their size and shape. And a PVC strip curtain is a great example of it. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to transform your space, then PVC strip curtain is the ideal option, be it a commercial, retail or industrial space. Places such as cold storage, warehouses, shop front doors, supermarkets, restaurants, to name a few, require PVC strip curtains. The popularity of the PVC strip curtain is because of its functionality. From regulating temperature to minimizing delays, these curtains are mostly preferred because of its durability. So, if you are looking for doors that can withstand the wear and tear of regular usage, then PVC strip curtain is a great option.

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