Aluminium Pergolas

Aluminium Pergola

Pergolas are outdoor open shade structures that can be used as a means to shade an outdoor seating area. These are usually made of wood but with the advent of economical longer lasting maintenance free options with aluminium, it is made of aluminum surface treatments that are similar to wood in aesthetics. These materials are more resistant to weather than those made of wood. Pergolas can span a large walkway or even be a small feature to enhance a particular location in a garden.

Aluminium Pergola is an open structure on four beams with no walls that became a popular garden feature in medieval Italy and Europe. The function of a Aluminium pergola is not limited to block the sun and provide shade but serve extensive purposes like enhancing your main structure’s value, boosting your garden, constructing an outdoor expansion for your homes, creating a private area. A pergola enhances the aesthetic beauty of a spot, making it a place that you would love to escape. Rainbow’s customized aluminium pergolas tailored for individual needs are lightweight and easy to assemble. 

Aluminium is the perfect choice of material for pergolas in UAE as humidity, and salty air can trigger corrosion in other metals. Powder-coated aluminium is an option for added safety and color variations for the structure. Pergolas are of two types based on the type of roof into Gable pergola and Flat pergola.

Gable pergola has two sloping sides whereas flat pergolas have leveled roofing. Pergolas are on trend now and will continue to do so. If you are a person who wishes to spend quality time outdoors, pergolas are the best option for you.


Benefits of an Aluminium Pergola


When compared to the wooden pergola, aluminium pergola lasts four times longer. Aluminium Pergolas are sturdy, less weight, corrosion-proof. You don’t have to worry about painting it occasionally. Moreover, it’s wise to pick pergola design made of aluminium since aluminium is a recyclable metal.


Applications of Pergola 


The uses of pergolas have no end. It has usage mainly as a vehicle shade, or in the garden area, or even at commercial spaces. You can customise this pergola in the way you like and place it where you want the most of it. Aluminium pergola is available in different shapes, dimensions, and varieties. 


Before placing an aluminium pergola, you have to determine how it will benefit you. Either the pergola design will be useful at your outdoor area for having a family get together or for parking your vehicle. Whatever the case it is, you can use pergola accordingly.


Types of Pergola Shades 


Pergola designs are available in various attractive shapes and styles. Adding a pergola to your home will add a charm like never before. If you feel like adding a style statement to your patio area or make your doorstep area a fashionable shade, then go for a pergola. Lay your eyes on various pergola shades.


Flat Roof Pergola Canopy


Powder-coated Aluminium is used for making pergola shades. 

Aluminium Pergola has a variety of uses in areas like outdoor, car parking, swimming pool, patio, and available in materials that are transparent, wooden, fabric etc. These pergolas can either be fixed on walls or on posts to give support.


Retractable Roof Pergola Shade


These pergola shades are unusual than the other pergola shades, because of its shape. Retractable pergola shades are ideal for any weather condition. It comes with the benefit of closing and opening where you can either choose to keep it open when the climate isn’t sunny or rainy and keep it closed when the climatic condition isn’t endurable to you. 


A retractable pergola is sturdy and lasts long made of powder-coated Aluminium. A pergola roof topped by an attractive retractable fabric will look much beautiful. A lot of applications like pergola for patio, swimming pool, garden, open roof, hotel outdoor, rooftop, which makes it something worth a buy.


Louver Pergola Design


Built of powder-coated steel, louvre pergola design is sturdy and lasts longer. In comparison with other pergola designs, they are a bit expensive but last longer. Similar to flat roof pergola canopy, a louvre pergola design can either be attached to walls or posts.


This pergola design can either be used at car parking, outdoor area, garden etc. 


Give Your Garden a Unique Look With the Top Pergola Design Company in Dubai


At Rainbow Aluminium – Maintenance Company in Dubai, our experts after realising your requirements will make perfect pergola that satisfies your needs, best for your budget and change your space according to your personal requirements. Now, it isn’t an unattainable thing to make your meetups lively using a fashionable pergola.


Use this pergola in any way you like, and the ideal choice is a retractable pergola because it can be opened or shut. 


Why Pergola?


Are you used to eating only in a dining room? Think differently. Or you can either use it as a place for relaxation, watching the sunset or enjoying a cool breeze. Moreover, you can make it secure. You can envelop it with a screen or curtain to the opposite of the pergola.


Other benefits of a pergola comprise of benefits like you can attach portable fans, or wall light to the pergola design and other accessories as well. Moreover, pergola gives you additional space for gardening. 

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