Infinity Mirrors

Infinity Mirrors

Infinity mirrors are two panes of glass with a separating layer of lighting between them , sealed and secured to be used for decorative purposes at homes, private majlis, clubs, restaurants and hotels.

We use the best quality LED lighting for the lighting source and use high grade Belgium or English glass for our infinity mirrors.


Mirror technology from its invention has gone through many breakthroughs not only in the space and surface of the environment where they are to be placed but also the ways mirrors are used for arts, fun and adventure. Infinity mirror creates an optical illusion using a series of smaller reflections that appear to end in infinity. Exhibitions, art museums, salons, malls, elevators etc. are the examples for spaces where we see such mirrors. Home decors and pieces of furniture with infinity mirror mounted on it add the ‘wow’ factor of your home.


When traditional mirrors serve the basic needs of personal grooming, infinity mirrors are for those who think out of the box, to the future.

Created for artistic and adventurous minds, it is simple and elegant in design.


Why Trust Rainbow

We have raised our reputation over the past years by providing the best service and customer care with no compromise in the quality of the product. If you are looking for high quality, cost-effective infinity mirrors in UAE, Rainbow Aluminium should be your foremost choice.