Infinity Mirror

Infinity Mirrors

Infinity mirrors are two panes of glass with a separating layer of lighting between them , sealed and secured to be used for decorative purposes at homes, private majlis, clubs, restaurants and hotels.

We use the best quality LED lighting for the lighting source and use high grade Belgium or English glass for our infinity mirrors.


Mirror technology from its invention has gone through many breakthroughs not only in the space and surface of the environment where they are to be placed but also the ways mirrors are used for arts, fun and adventure. Infinity mirror creates an optical illusion using a series of smaller reflections that appear to end in infinity. Exhibitions, art museums, salons, malls, elevators etc. are the examples for spaces where we see such mirrors. Home decors and pieces of furniture with infinity mirror mounted on it add the ‘wow’ factor of your home.

After the invention of modern mirrors, much effort was spent on inventing mirrors that can be used mainly for aesthetic purposes and artistic purposes. One great example of such a mirror is an infinity mirror. An infinity mirror creates a unique aesthetic, unlike modern mirrors and is a great conversation starter as well. You can use it on the tabletop, to give an accent, or even in your wall art. Nowadays, infinity mirrors are used at-

  • Home- Used for home decoration and as a part of the furniture.
  • Museum- Used as an art exhibit.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Elevators.
  • Beauty salons.


What is Infinity Mirror?


infinity mirror

Infinity mirror consists of two or more mirrors placed parallel to each other, creating an infinite number of reflections. The light caught between the two mirrors bounces endlessly. There are two basic forms for an infinity mirror- Classic mirrors arranged parallel to each other and a self-contained infinity mirror.


In a self-contained infinity mirror, the mirror placed in the front is called a one-way mirror. The other mirror is an ordinary mirror. In a one-way mirror, one side is transparent while the other is reflective. Only a thin reflective coating is applied to the surface, to create a one-way mirror. Thus it is also called a half-silvered surface and reflects only half of the light striking its surface. It creates an illusion that the light is fading to infinity, with long tunnels of light.


In order to make the mirror more attractive, the edges of both mirrors are decorated with light bulbs or LED or any other type of light.


How Does an Infinity Mirror Work?


The light source causes the infinity effect. When you switch on the light, it bounces between both the mirror surface. Some of the light passes through the one-way mirror. After the light escapes from the mirror surface, the infinity effect fades inside. The reflection seems to recede to a distance. The length of the path increases or decreases with each reflection.


So, you might be wondering if the effects are permanent. Not at all! You can choose to switch off the lights, making it suitable for everyday use. 


Other Applications of Infinity Mirror


An infinity mirror is also used in amusement parks and trial rooms. Here the most widely used infinity mirror is the ceiling to wall type, and the reflection bounces from one mirror to the other. Thus you can see your own reflection in the adjacent mirrors.


Infinity Mirror For Home


infinity mirror

Infinity mirror will definitely be a great addition to your home’s interior. A floor to ceiling infinity mirror won’t be a good option. There are many options of infinity mirrors that best suit your home. There are smaller infinity mirrors available as well. One such mirror is an LED infinity accent mirror. It can significantly change the aesthetics of your home.


Another great option is wall art, available in various styles, designs and colours. Or if you don’t prefer any addition to the walls, you can choose furniture with an infinity mirror. The top portion of tables, accent tables, side tables, or coffee tables can be fitted with an infinity mirror. You can choose the type of lighting as well- simple or colourful lighting for the infinity mirror.


No matter whatever design style your home has- modern, classic or contemporary, infinity mirrors are available that matches your home design style. Infinity mirrors are available with a variety of frames and frames used most widely are metal or wood. The frames can also be textured, smooth or painted. Even there are different types of mirrors available, such as ones with an antique finish, traditional silvered mirror or ones with a unique smoky aesthetic.


You can choose from different LED colours as well. Infinity mirrors with LED lights create depth and enhance the visual beauty of your home. One good thing with an infinity mirror is that suppose if your room is small, by bringing in an infinity mirror, the room will look spacious and brighter. 


The effect of an infinity mirror is both impactful and impressive at the same time. An infinity mirror gives a unique statement, and with its lights, makes it something attractive in your space. In fact, the mirror has a dual purpose- regular usage and makes a space look bigger and also the function of giving accent colours to enhance the aesthetics of your home. An infinity mirror is a functional part of a room and at the same time creates a unique focal point. In fact, no other mirror has both these qualities in itself. Definitely, an infinite mirror is a great addition to your space and gives an ultra-modern look.


When traditional mirrors serve the basic needs of personal grooming, infinity mirrors are for those who think out of the box, to the future.

Created for artistic and adventurous minds, it is simple and elegant in design.


Why Trust Rainbow

We have raised our reputation over the past years by providing the best service and customer care with no compromise in the quality of the product. If you are looking for high quality, cost-effective infinity mirrors in UAE, Rainbow Aluminium should be your foremost choice.

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