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Rainbow Aluminium offers various designs of balustrade with a wide ranging choice of railing and handrail in brush finish, powder coated finish, wood finish or anodized finish depending on customer requirements

We also do frameless glass balustrade railing for seamless vision balconies and rooftops and for infinity pools.


Aluminium balustrade, handrail and railing are cost-effective alternatives for timber. We at Rainbow Aluminium fabricates and installs aluminium balustrade and handrail and railing at customer requirement. Our services are available in both the residential and commercial sector. Our team of experts always strive to be perfect in case of design, quality and even at the stage of installation.

With our standard safety standards, balustrade and handrail that are built in our warehouse will withstand all climatic conditions. Our products are powder coated to get the anodized surface. It suggests minimal maintenance, and so, our customers don’t need to worry after its installation.

Railing Services from Rainbow Aluminium

For any building with more than one floor, a staircase has an indispensable role. And definitely for a staircase, there should be a balustrade. A balustrade adds a finishing touch to your staircase. A beautiful balustrade is aesthetically pleasing, even though originally the very idea of it was protection. Moreover,the safety of any staircase can be ensured with a handrail. A handrail acts as a support while climbing stairs.


What is a Balustrade?


Often associated with a handrail, a balustrade is used to line a staircase. It is a combination of handrail, balusters, newels and baserail. A handrail has become an integral part of a balustrade, without which you can’t hold anything while climbing up and down the stairs. Many vertical posts consist of a balustrade. It prevents anyone from falling, thus prevents any accident.


hand rail


According to the building regulations in the UK, the least handrail height for a domestic area is 900mm. 1100mm is the least height of a handrail on a landing and it remains as it is in the case of least height of a stair handrail.


Handrails vary based on whether it is continuous or not-

Over-the-post system- Continuous

Post-to-post system- Interruption


The shapes vary, and it can be industrial, curly or straight.If you want the balustrade to be in the same style as the staircase, you can even go for it. A wooden stair handrail can perfectly complement a steel balustrade. If asked for a balustrade which has gained popularity in recent times, it’s a glass railing, the benefits are what makes it popular- safety and modern look.


Different Types of Balustrades




led profiles

Are you looking for a cost-effective balustrade option? Don’t go past aluminium balustrades. Moreover, the advantages don’t end here. It is rust-proof and has low-maintenance. A balustrade can be used irrespective of the area- indoor or outdoor. Protection from adverse weather conditions is ensured with the powder coating that comes with it, thus improving its lustre and protection.




If you have an inclination to a modern and classic look, then glass railing is best for your stair handrail. A glass railing creates no obstruction and has higher safety when compared to its counterparts since children find it difficult to climb on them. There are different glass railing options available- for instance, semi-transparent, frosted, etched, clear or tinted to add aesthetics to your home. When combined with steel or aluminium frames, glass railing completes the look of your staircase.


Stainless Steel 


With its tremendous popularity, it has a timeless appearance and works well with both glass railing and wood counterparts. You can prevent any damage by using a coating that can sustain its appearance.

If you live in a coastal area, if there is no coating, then the stainless steel balustrade is at risk.

You can use a stainless balustrade, irrespective of the area- both indoor and outdoor. For attaining a stair handrail with a contemporary look, you can blend stainless steel and glass.




Wood is more often associated with its classic look, so if you are a classic style lover, then you can just go for a wooden balustrade. You can customise it by painting it in any color you like or add carvings or leave it as it is. But wooden balustrade should be taken care of regularly if you want it as it is, free from any damage.


Key Parts of a Balustrade


Handrail- A railing over a balustrade. It is upheld by a newel post.

Newel post- A sturdy and structural part which acts as a support for the handrail.

Newel cap- The cap or top portion of the newel post which acts as an object to enhance the look.

Baserail- A bottom railing, acts as a support for steps.

Spindle – A decorative pillar in between the handrail and base rail.


Aluminium Doors

Uses of Handrail


Handrails serve different purposes and mainly used for preventing any accident by falling from landing, platform or balcony. Anyone who climbs a staircase has enough balance and prevents falling. Mainly handrail ensures one’s progress and acts as a pivot, prevents elderly people from falling, and prevents accidents by acting as a support so that one can grab it.


Types of Handrail


The style and layout of your stair handrail should be considered while choosing a handrail. Mainly there are two types of handrail- integrated and wall-mounted.


Wall-mounted Handrails


Even though a wall-mounted handrail is a separate element, it can be used with a balustrade, or even fill the place of a balustrade. A wall-mounted handrail divides within it as a pig’s ear and mopstick handrail. A Pig’s ear handrail can be installed directly to a wall. These handrails are more ideal for narrow stair handrail since it lies close to the wall. A mopstick handrail, when compared to its counterpart, can be fixed by a handrail bracket. Thus it has a decorative look when compared to a pig’s ear handrail.


Integrated Handrail

These handrails are over the spindles and play a significant role in a balustrade. And there comes it’s varied options- grooved handrail and ungrooved handrail.

As the name indicates, in a grooved handrail a spindle is joined to the handrail groove. The size of a groove changes even though the size of the handrail remains the same. In the case of glass railing grooved handrails, the groove extends through its length to accommodate the glass panel. One good thing with an ungrooved handrail is that it can be mounted to a wall. The bracket can screw directly to the rail and best suits metal spindles or glass panels.


Accessories for Handrails


Wall Brackets


You might have noticed an object that connects a mopstick handrail to a wall. Wall brackets does the job. It is mostly made using metal, with various metal choices to choose from.


Wall Patrice 


Similar to end caps, which is used as a decorative element, wall patrices also excels in its aspect of giving decoration to the railing when you attach a handrail bracket to the wall. It is in the shape of a disk.



End Caps


End caps add a finishing touch to the handrail, thereby acting as a decorative element.


Our team of experts have created a wide range of Balustrade, Handrail and railing collection with systematically structured design to withstand high pressure and adverse conditions. It enhances safety.
Our Balustrades and Handrails can be used in:
Office areas


How Important Is a Handrail and a Balustrade


Stairs do have a significant role in initiating and maintaining the style of your home. By choosing handrail and balustrade, you can intensify and strengthen the style that you dream of. And it should be sturdy enough to prevent any mishaps or support people and at the same time add style to your home.


The best thing with a balustrade is that it’s very easy to fix it and isn’t time consuming, in order to fix it. Balustrade is made keeping in mind the customer specifications and the design they want. With the right balustrade, your house will look more beautiful than before. Some of the places which demand a handrail and balustrade are residential areas, educational institutions, hospitals, and public buildings.


With a varied range of options available in the market, choosing the best balustrade is never a problem. But all you have to be careful is that you should fix the budget and then choose one that best suits your requirement. But be mindful of the fact that balustrades come with its own pros and cons. By choosing the right style and material balustrades can surely enhance the look of your stair handrail.

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