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Gym Mirrors

Gym mirrors are installed for dance, martial arts, aerobics, and other activity institutions where one would  want to create a professional working space for their students. It’s also great for homeowners and interior designers looking to add a small gymnasium or practice studio to a home.

You can transform any room into a dance studio with a large activity gym mirror. If you have a home gym, run a dance studio, or have any sort of business where people are performing physical activity, Rainbow Gym mirrors will help elevate the space to a new level of training effectiveness.

Full-size workout mirrors aren’t something you’ll find in your local general store, so finding a business that sells mirrors for home gyms or dance mirrors can be difficult. Rainbow Aluminium offers Gym mirror installation anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or anywhere in U.A.E.

Everything you need to know about Gym mirror installation

Be it a fitness freak or a passive procrastinator, there is something general they need in a workout place – the gym mirrors. Ever since the introduction of these glossy, large surfaces in gyms, it has never gone out of fashion.


The reflections in the shining surface act as an inspiration in the fitness journey of many. No room is small to hold a gym mirror, be it a small area of your home or a large fitness studio, gym mirrors merge well with all spaces.


How Is A Gym Mirror Different From A Regular Wall Mirror?


gym mirror


The pronounced difference is that gym mirrors are more significant and give a broad perspective view when compared to a regular mirror. Apart from this, the reflections in a gym mirror seem to be more defined, imparting the viewer a fitter look than other mirrors they are used with.


The reason for the above effect is a result of a more forward-leaning top portion of gym mirrors. This gives an illusion of a more fitter figure for the objects seen on it. However, other factors also add to this effect, like lighting, overall style, and ambiance of the space.


Advantages Of Using A Gym Mirror


Increases The Aesthetic Factor Of The Space


The glowing surface turns the empty walls into highly functional units. Gym mirrors impart the optical illusion of more extensive space, thus turning out even small spaces to look spacious. The rooms look brighter and active as the glass reflects the light falling on it. The mirrors bright up the darker corners of the room, adding to the positive vibe of space.


Triggers Up The Spirit


The gym mirror reflects the fitter version of you. This helps in approaching your fitness goals with a motivated mind. The boredom of working out alone can be solved to an extent by installing gym mirrors.

gym mirror


Helps To Correct Your Posture


The mirror presents the full-sized image of you from different angles, which can help in making significant posture corrections during the exercise session. The movements can be analyzed and transformed to be more graceful and natural.


Different Kind of Gym Mirror Available In The Market

Normal Mirror


The quality of reflections on these mirrors is low when compared to the high definition mirrors. The iron content in these mirror glasses are high and hence can add a green tint to its reflections.


HD Mirror


HD mirror is the most commonly used kind of gym mirror. Excellent quality glass is used in the manufacture of HD mirrors. They provide clearest reflections with minimum blemishes, which makes them a perfect suit for a gym mirror.


Different Places Where Gym Mirror Can Be Installed


Gym mirrors, as the name suggests, find the primary application in gyms. However, they are also mounted in more recreational place let us list a few of them:


  • Home Gym
  • Fitness Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Yoga Studio
  • Martial Arts Studio
  • Garage Gym
  • Spas


Different Factors Involved In Choosing Mirrors


gym mirror

Here are a few points to be noted while shopping for a gym mirror.


Mirror Thickness


The mirror should withstand the vibrations contained in the space during workouts and other activities. Recommended thickness for a gym mirror is 4mm, and for a commercial gym or studio is 6mm. Anything less than 4 mm can turn out to be vulnerable at times.


Mirror Size


Either you can go for a mirror to mirror arrangement covering walls or can choose a single piece of mirror. Home gyms are good to go with single wall mountings, whereas, for commercial workout spaces, multiple mirrors projecting reflections from various angles can be more productive.


Cost Of Mirrors


HD mirrors cost more than regular plain mirrors. Selecting among the two depends purely on your necessity and budget plans.


Iron Content


Make sure to choose low iron content mirrors. The clarity of the reflection is directly related to the iron content of the mirror. Low clarity, blemished reflections can adversely affect the overall aesthetics of the space.


Safety Features


Glass mirrors are brittle, and careless handling can cause serious harm. A glassless mirror is an option to provide a safer space for active people.


Cleaning Of Gym Mirrors


Proper maintenance is necessary for the long life and mint condition of the gym mirrors. Dirt not attended in short intervals will accumulate over time, proving it difficult to remove all at once. Dirty mirrors will develop a negative impression among new joiners and visitors. Let us discuss some tips to maintain the crystal clear reflections of a mirror.


gym mirrors

Home Remedies


Regular stains are easily removable with simple home remedies. Strong chemicals regularly used can adversely affect the shining of the mirror. White vinegar, borax, dishwashing soap liquids, and rubbing alcohol are some of the common home remedies used for cleaning mirror surfaces.


Commercial Cleaning Products


Spray any window cleaner on the mirror and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Make sure that you use a clean cloth, or hence the chances are high that scratches appear in the mirror. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth at the end of the process.


Safety Measures To Be Taken During The Transportation and Installation Of Gym Mirrors


Even a small scratch is least expected while the shipment process of mirrors. The functionality of mirrors is severely affected by the careless handling of the product. Here are some suggestions to avoid damages to mirrors during transportation.


  • Bubble wrap the item
  • If the mirror is large enough, ask the help of other people to help you in lifting it.
  • The vehicle used for transportation should be large enough to accommodate the mirror.
  • Transport the item when the least traffic is expected on the road.
  • Drive slow and carefully to avoid sudden brakes.
  • Never keep the mirror vertically up during transportation, lay it flat on the vehicle.


The installation process also needs special attention because an unfortunate accident in the commercial space can have a significant impact on the business. Always choose a high-quality gym mirror with a standard recommended thickness of 4mm and above to avoid tough situations.


While installing a mirror, hire a professional to ease the procedure. If you are confident enough to perform the task alone, prepare for it with the necessary tools and precautionary dressing. There are lots of DIY videos available on the internet to help you with mirror installation works.


Why Choose Rainbow Aluminium for Gym Mirrors?


gym mirror


After you decide on the size, type, and budget for gym mirrors, the next crucial step is its purchase. There are many selections available in the market to choose from. Do a market study and search for online stores to research on the various options.


Rainbow’s gym mirrors will surely hit your list. Premium quality products of Rainbow have gained recognition from various parts of the country. Our extensive range of collections in gym mirrors will surely cater to the varying needs of the customers. We include gym mirrors with different specifications and budgets to serve all range customer groups.


Our glass mirrors are made out of high-quality glass material. Iron content in the mirrors is kept low to assure high reflectivity. We will help you with the selection of a gym mirror that best suits your needs from the varieties.

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