Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting

At Rainbow Aluminium we offer cutting of any type of non-tempered glass.

If required we can visit a site take measurements and custom cut the required glass upon approval from client and deliver to the required location.
We can also polish and double glaze the glass with color combinations if required. We also do infinity mirrors
Glass requiring polished edges ie tabletops, mirrors, shelves and cabinet doors can be cut immediately while out customer waits

Rainbow, being the masters of glass cutting in Dubai, provides processing of all types of glass and crystal. With innovative technology and skillful artisans, we design glass with utmost precision and perform the transformation of glasses. Advantageous price, quality of service, craftsmanship distinguish us from our competitors. We offer glass cutting services in Dubai for both commercial and domestic clients. Whether you have high volume or low volume or high volume specification, we can do it for you. No size is too big, or no shape is too unusual for Rainbow.


Necessary steps of glass cut include:



Our artisans will discuss with you the best kind of glass that matches the customer’s need, the time is taken for the process, the design selection.



the glass is cut into the customized size and shape.



Rainbow provides a wide variety of inclinations and customer can choose that meets his needs