Glass Cutting

Glass Cutting

At Rainbow Aluminium we offer cutting of any type of non-tempered glass.

If required we can visit a site take measurements and custom cut the required glass upon approval from client and deliver to the required location.
We can also polish and double glaze the glass with color combinations if required. We also do infinity mirrors
Glass requiring polished edges ie tabletops, mirrors, shelves and cabinet doors can be cut immediately while out customer waits

Rainbow, being the masters of glass cutting in Dubai, provides processing of all types of glass and crystal. With innovative technology and skillful artisans, we design glass with utmost precision and perform the transformation of glasses. Advantageous price, quality of service, craftsmanship distinguish us from our competitors. We offer glass cutting services in Dubai for both commercial and domestic clients. Whether you have high volume or low volume or high volume specification, we can do it for you. No size is too big, or no shape is too unusual for Rainbow.


From retail store shelves to doors and windows in our homes, glass is an essential part of interior space. Cutting a fragile material like glass is undeniably hard. There arises the need for glass cutting services. We at Rainbow Aluminium offer glass cutting services, be it the mirror, glass panels, tabletops, shower doors and more. It doesn’t matter where the glass fixture is, we repair or change glass fixtures.


Our experienced glaziers will assist you in picking the right pane according to your specifications. They have years of experience in the field and know all the cutting techniques for various types of glass. We offer glass cutting services for commercial and residential areas alike.


Aluminium fabrication

We are distinguished by our quality of service, and professionals who are experienced and courteous who can handle even the most intricate tasks. No matter if you have low volume or high volume specification, we are ready to bestow our services.


We cut glass in any shape or size according to your requirement, and ensure that the edging is finished. We cut-

  • Glass panels in the garage door, window, entryways
  • Sliding glass doors to increase room space and improve the brightness of the room
  • Frame-less shower doors that can fit your bathroom.
  • Glass shelves for storage purpose according to your design needs
  • Glass table tops for dining and coffee table
  • Custom made mirror to improve the look of any room and brighten the space. 


Glass Cutting Process


Our professional glass cutters after deciding the best type of glass will measure and install the glass with perfection. These are some of the processes involved in glass cutting:


Consultation- After understanding the exact purpose of the glass, our technicians will choose the type of glass needed according to your requirement. They will take the measurements, determine the glass thickness and the glass edge you need.  Our artisans will discuss with you the best kind of glass that matches the customer’s need, the time is taken for the process, the design selection.


Cutting- Our technicians will cut the glass according to the size. A water jet is used for the purpose, ensuring complete safety of the glass being cut. We cut glass is cut into the customized size and shape.


Beveling- You can choose from a variety of edge profiles such as flat, 1½” Bevel, 1-¼” Bevel, ¾” Bevel, Mitre, OG bevel and many more. Rainbow provides a wide variety of inclinations and customer can choose that meets his needs


Laminated and Tempered Glass Cutting


To ensure extra protection from any accidental breakage, we offer safety glasses such as-


Laminated glass


Similar to reflective glass, a laminated glass protects against UV radiation, controls sun glare, and minimises sound pollution. Thus it ensures that your furniture lasts for a long time.


Tempered Glass


When compared to normal glass, a tempered glass lasts long. If the glass breaks accidentally then it will break in round cube shapes, unlike how a regular glass breaks producing sharp and rough pieces.


Expertly Cut Glass to Suit Your Needs


Maintenance Company in Dubai

We use Computerised Numerical Cutting to cut the glass surface according to the glass thickness, size and shape that you need. Our experts can even cut glass pieces by hand with precision. In order to ensure whether the glass stays in place and the glass safety, you need professional glass cutting services.


Equipment Used for Glass Cutting


CNC Machine- It is an equipment controlled by a computer, used for glass cutting, which gives accurate glass cuts.

Water-jetting Equipment– Glass cutting is facilitated with the help of highly pressurised water.

Automated Cutting Tables- Glass is cut under a specific pressure using a carbide cutting wheel. The pressure applied depends on the glass thickness.


A pressure of 500 to 800 bars is used for glass cutting with a water jet. This ensures that the glass won’t suffer any breakage. The abrasive used is olive and not quartz sand since it’s soft when compared to quartz sand. Olive prevents any chipping or cracks on the glass surface in future. Some of the benefits of using a water jet are-


aluminium sheet

  • Glass panels with a maximum thickness of 20cm can be cut.
  • Different types of glass can be cut. 
  • No risk of glass breakage during processing. 
  • No need for sharpening the tool after each process
  • No material wastage
  • No need for switching tools while changing from thinner to thicker glass. 
  • Can be used for fine and complex glass, which is impossible with other inexpensive cutting methods.
  • There won’t be a need for reworking glass edges that are cut. 
  • Efficiently create holes on a glass surface. 

By choosing custom glass cutting services at Rainbow Aluminium, the result will be much better than you have expected. We handle the glass with the utmost care and guarantee that no damage is caused either to your property or the glass.



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