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aluminium glass partition
Frameless Glass Partitions

Rainbow Aluminium provides a professional frameless glass partition service for customers throughout UAE. A full length frameless glass partition offers your home or office with a spacious area, which allows the rooms to retain natural light, as well as providing an attractive and stylish appearance for the inside and outside.

The glazing is specifically designed to reduce the amount of visible framework to allow an open appearance for the partition. The intricate designs implement the use of floor pivots, which allow the door to be easily opened.

There are many styles and colours of partitions for you to choose from, from frosted to plain to coloured.They can be installed as per your personal preferences, be it facets, straight striking lines, or graceful curves.

The glass partitions are bonded together using virtually invisible joints or silicone joints to offer the most seamless finish possible.
Frameless glass partitions are fully demountable and include a wide variety of fittings and fixtures depending on the specific requirements such as door frames, deflection heads, and reducer posts.

Rainbow offers a wide variety of glass partition services to commercial, public and industrial sectors. We materialize your ideas by taking part in every stage of it, right from the concept, inspiring to create an accommodating design with proper resource management. Our engineering team manufactures the glass in a tailored form meeting your concerns. We supply and install to your place with the support of our experienced and professional technical team.

We have a wide variety of partition designs to choose from, some of them are frameless, free-standing, high wall, modular, atrium walls, etc.

The benefits that glass partition brings to you are natural daylighting, privacy with visual transparency, space-saving and many more.

The glass partition is a current hot trend in home interiors in Dubai. Privacy and opacity are controlled by selecting the type of glass that best suits your needs. We pride ourselves in assisting our customers to create active spaces of their interest.

Advantages And Applications Of Glass Partition Walls

The glass partition is a favorite choice of homeowners and businesses who like to upgrade their spaces. Glass partitions are non- loadbearing panes of high-quality glass that divide spaces in most stylish and efficient ways. No wonder that the glazing surfaces replace the traditional brick walls nowadays.

Different from other partitions, they create an open and transparent look for the room, presenting a welcoming feel to it. Mainly, there are two kinds of glass partitions, one with frame and other with glass alone without any metal frame. Aluminum is the preferred metals for holding the glass structure in position.

The glass partition enables designers to separate space effectively without affecting the flow of light and spending much floor area. Glass partitions are thought of as one of the most trendy elements in interior design. So updating your commercial and working space with glass partitions can give it a modern outlook.

Natural light always influences the beauty of the things contained in a room and the room itself. The usual walls usually block the natural light, and you need to compromise with artificial sources to brighten up space. Glass partitions are energy-efficient options suitable for a green and sustainable building design.

Below are a few advantages of glass partitions

Portable partition: With glass partitions, your spaces become flexible; they can be redesigned and styled compared to fixed partition walls. This application is beneficial for commercial and workplaces as they require more frequent changes compared to residential buildings.


Acoustic features: Privacy and transparency features go hand in hand with these glazed walls. They provide pretty good soundproof from the external environment, even with high visual transparency. Half-height walls can fairly balance between visual and acoustic transparency. Designs on the glass surface can help to increase the privacy of the space contained in it. Colour tinted or frosted glasses assure increased privacy for your areas.


Economical re-modelling: Whether it is the future expansion of your working space or restyling of its interiors, Glass walls always compliment the activity. Glass partition walls are easy to install and move from one position to another without spending huge amounts of money on it. The maintenance charges are also minimal for these glass structures.


Aluminium Partition Wall


Aesthetically pleasant: For any layout, glass partitions go well with the overall design of the main structure. Glass partitions have a sleek and smooth finish that makes it less bulky. There are limitless customized designing options that can be developed in the glass wall, which turn it to the focus of the space, creating an art piece out of it rather than leaving it blank.


Low Maintenance: Glass material provides no ground for termites or corrosion like activities. It is easy to clean the surface as it does not accumulate dust or dirt compared to other surfaces. Maintenance works are simple and not time-consuming, so they do not affect the routine of the workspace.


Durable: It is a fact that glass is a fragile material, but when tempered, it offers high strength and security to your space. Treated glass surfaces break only with forces that damage even door or metal surfaces.


Creating a productive environment: We prefer bright spaces over dark for office works. A place with abundant sunlight provides an energetic and positive ambiance to trigger up your productivity. Sunlight is the primary source of natural energy and does have many health benefits. Glass partitions are the best way to let this natural energy source enter your space.


As we mentioned above, there are mainly two types of glass partition walls. Let us discuss the different types of glass partitions in the following section.

Aluminum framed glass partitions are framed structures used in residential, office, and commercial applications. Lightweight and anti-corrosive properties of Aluminium prove it to be the best choice to hold the glass material. Powder coating or natural anodization process gives required finishing to the aluminum surface to maintain the overall high finishing of the structure.

Silicon sealing and tempered glass are used to fill the transition from glass to metal unnoticed. Materials like melamine,  PVC, or even tempered glass act as specs for filling the conjoining space. Application of Aluminium material is seen in the upper guide track, lower guide track, for handles, and locking systems.

As the name suggests, a full glass partition wall is wholly made with glass, involving special hardware techniques. For safety reasons, tempered glass panes are used, and edges are polished. The joint between two glass panes is filled with transparent silicon to provide efficient soundproof and improved aesthetics.

Applications of Glass Partition Walls

Glass partition in offices and commercial spaces


aluminium partition

Glass partitions merge with the ambiance of the office. They can be used to set a room covered with all four sides with glass walls or to make separate cubicles. The working force always appreciates seeing the peers working with them. The feeling of the enclosure is less felt with the openness it provides. These walls are easily manageable and can be revamped to create a new arrangement without spending much on it. Customized designs can help them better fit your space.


As Shower Screens 


shower cabin

Glass partitions are used to separate wet areas from dry areas of washrooms and to make bath cubicles. Application of glass partitions as shower screens are widespread among hotels and other hospitality ventures. Modern also installs glass partitions as shower screens.


Frameless handrails



Frameless glass partitions add to the aesthetics of the structure without compromising on safety. For hotels in tourist destinations that have excellent outdoor scenic beauty, these frameless handrails prove to be the best choice for enjoying nature’s beauty. Glass balustrades are a perfect choice whenever a safety structure is required that does not block the outdoor views.


Atrium barrier glass


aluminium partition

Glass barriers are the best pick as barriers for an atrium. The glass does not block the light and so add to the openness and brightness of space. The glass walls can be customized to fit the unusual space with perfect finishes, adding to the aesthetics of it.


Glass doors 

glass partition

Glass doors are the most stylish application of a glass partition. With its modern, sleek look, they upgrade the passages to an art piece. Glass doors are used in projects like residences, hotels, offices where function meets aesthetics. Aluminum or steel handles go well with all types and designs of glass doors. Added care is taken during the fixture and processing of glass doors as they are moving structures.


Acoustic Glass


Glass Partition


Acoustic glass control and insulate noise from escaping or entering the space surrounded by it. Acoustic glass is used in sensitive spaces like classrooms, studios, meeting rooms, etc. They are available in different specifications like single, double glazed glass.


Glass designs are the most flexible and durable structure suitable for styling your modern space without compromising floor space. They provide a positive vibe and energy to the area by incorporating lots of natural light. Partition glass performs its functions involving a styling factor. Customizing glass partitions makes the space unique in an unusual way. The above article discusses a few important areas regarding the advantages and applications of the glass partition walls. This note will surely help you choose glass partition over many other options to design your space.

Glass partitions act as room dividers with great quality that isn’t capable of holding anything other than its own weight. A glass partition can make space seem larger. Partitions are normally full glass partitions where an aluminium frame supports the glass partition. One can easily part a room without taking up considerable floor space and not obstructing light diffusion. Workspaces will be more conducive to comfort and functionality with a glass partition.


Glass partition has the benefit of giving your space a much better look by changing the look and feel of a place. For ones looking for a quick renewal of an office or commercial space, glass partition is a better option. Glass Partition gets more prominence these days than the conventional drywall. Since glass partition is scalable and transparent, it has widespread acceptance among builders.


Benefits of Glass Partition
  • Because of its transparency glass partition allows natural light to seep inside.
  • Unlike drywall, it is easily removable and need not be permanent.
  • Glass partition can be adjusted according to your necessities by fixing it anywhere you feel like.
  • When compared to drywall, a glass-partition is of good value for the money paid.
  • With sufficient light inside, you don’t need any extra lighting thus eliminating the need for any extra light.
  • Because of improved transparency, with a glass partition, there will be much satisfaction among employees if it’s a part of an office.
  • Because of the transparency of a glass partition people in a workplace will be much more sociable than before.
  • Scalability and convenience.


aluminium glass partition
Glass Partition with Aluminium Frame vs Full Glass Partition
Glass Partition with Aluminium Frame

These are much suitable for office and retail buildings, besides being a part of residential areas. A glass partition with a frame divides a room, making it convenient for people to make the most use of it. Before making a glass partition choice, consider your design and space of the area. For a skilled installer, it is much easier to install a glass partition.



Most widely chosen material used for holding glass partitions will be Aluminium. Much light-weight in nature, the material is very rigid and resists corrosion. A great option will be slimmer profile systems. You can choose from an array of designs while considering a glass partition for your space.


Door and Mounting Hardware


The whole system comprises hinged doors with aluminium as a base material and sliding doors operated with a guide track in its bottom. It also includes a suspended door with a guide track on top. This is what makes the floor free from tripping hazards.

glass partition

Full Glass Partition


Comprise of a glass partition from floor to ceiling. The glass wall area will be free in case of full glass partition since this lacks an aluminium frame. One can feel the space airy with a full glass partition.


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In most cases, the material will be a mixture of glass and aluminium.


Door and Mounting Software

Full glass partition ensures complete transparency where you can make it a sliding door or hinged door according to your need. Panes are tempered and edges are polished for safety concern. What remains between the glass panes is loaded with acrylic foam tape or transparent silicon tape to make it stronger and resistant to sound.


No frame means more light in the room.


Why Glass Partition?


Glass Partition creates a Beautiful Workspace. Glass partition gives a much-sophisticated look to a workspace like never before. With the help of a drywall partition, you can create various layouts in an office space.


Their popularity has not yet diminished even though it needs to be removed and installed sometimes. 


Glass partition can be a part of your door or a part of the entrance. Glass partitions are designed such that portability is given more importance, and these partitions can easily be moved according to one’s needs when compared to traditional partition. This means no usage of special tools or shut the building for renovation.


Workspaces usually have the problem of excess noise. Without changing the interior design, glass partition lessens noise in workspaces that are comparatively large. While retaining the features of an office, a half-height glass partition has the capacity to lessen noise. 


At Rainbow Aluminium, we love to design and create glass partitions for office and domestic space. Expect improved productivity, the wellbeing of staff, and aesthetic appeal on your space. Improve efficiency, be more focused on work because of less noise.


Our services suit any budget range- from high to low. What we offer to our customers is a flawless experience in glass partition fixation.


A cost-effective solution, our glass partition range is designed so as to install it quickly with no compromise to stability.


With glass partition, you can instantly turn your open office space into space with complete privacy to you.


A glass partition at Rainbow Aluminum offers a tremendous amount of privacy and opacity. Try out Rainbow’s various layouts for a design which is elegant and worthwhile to use. Glass walls of various types can be combined according to your needs. 

Glass Partition


We remain as a leading service provider of a glass partition, with great experience in the industry. We have the utmost dedication in providing our customers to create unique and much effective office spaces.


No matter if the glass partition is for creating a meeting room, extra office or for separating area in your office- are some options that will be a great addition to your workspace. 


Our partition fulfils all your needs and just makes your space practical, fashionable and modern. We understand your needs and provide a tailored solution for glass partition, be it your home or office space.


Glass partition gives your office a vibrant look like never before. Easy to clean, where you need occasional maintenance. 


Our ultimate goal is to provide glass partition services which are industry-leading.


Glass partition blends versatility with simplicity. Beyond offering versatility, glass partition at Rainbow is durable- it can endure any damage. The sturdiness of glass partition is because of the material with which it is made- safe tempered glass. This type of glass is hard and nearly not possible to break.


 Glass partition can last for several years with good maintenance. Even though you might be confused while choosing the apt glass since there are numerous varieties of glass available, you should take into consideration your requirements and the present decor items of your space. 


With great emphasis given to the aspect of environmental friendliness, our glass partition is created so that the material doesn’t emit toxic fumes and odour.

The mobility of glass partition at Rainbow is noteworthy since if one finds a glass partition unnecessary in a particular space them, it can be transferred to another suitable place.


Glass partition reflects professionalism in your workspace and gives a feeling of sophistication and progressiveness. But one can make sure that there is privacy by using glass which is tinted or having certain patterns or texture.


Now it’s high time to leave behind your old, dull-looking wall partition and bring in a new, stylish and functional glass partition. Get rid of visual obstacles and experience more privacy and soundproofing. Switch to Rainbow and see the change!

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