Custom Metal Furniture

Custom Metal Furniture

Rainbow aluminium offers custom metal furniture fabrication services across Dubai, Sharjah and all emirates in the U.A.E. We have fabricated patio showcases, chest of drawers, dining tables, office tables, patio furniture, T.V stands , speaker stands and outdoor lighting structures.

All items have options of powder coating, wood effect coating , grit, texture, antique or even super high gloss finish options as we have our own in house powder coating facility.

We have an excellent team of creative professionals who tends to bring your idea to life or bring about life to your empty space with our unique design ideas.
Send us your requirement details and we will surely get back to you.


You may find it challenging to pick a rare piece of beautiful furniture for your statement room. Maybe you have seen it somewhere else in your friend’s apartment or else in any movie, but you may be searching for an apt place to buy it. Here Rainbow Aluminium comes as a real-life saviour with plenty of custom metal furniture options. 

We grant you a complete service package that starts with the exclusive discussion with the customer. Through that, we will finalize the furniture design, and the blueprint will be provided to you. After that, we will start developing it. Our custom metal furniture package will include the final installation too. You, as a customer, don’t need to take any risk throughout the procedure.

 Our crew of expert installers are located throughout the country and are well trained in custom metal furniture administration and the installation of products with safety standards.