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Custom Metal Furniture

Rainbow aluminium offers custom metal furniture fabrication services across Dubai, Sharjah and all emirates in the U.A.E. We have fabricated patio showcases, chest of drawers, dining tables, office tables, patio furniture, T.V stands , speaker stands and outdoor lighting structures.

All items have options of powder coating, wood effect coating , grit, texture, antique or even super high gloss finish options as we have our own in house powder coating facility.

We have an excellent team of creative professionals who tends to bring your idea to life or bring about life to your empty space with our unique design ideas.
Send us your requirement details and we will surely get back to you.


You may find it challenging to pick a rare piece of beautiful furniture for your statement room. Maybe you have seen it somewhere else in your friend’s apartment or else in any movie, but you may be searching for an apt place to buy it. Here Rainbow Aluminium comes as a real-life saviour with plenty of custom metal furniture options. 

We grant you a complete service package that starts with the exclusive discussion with the customer. Through that, we will finalize the furniture design, and the blueprint will be provided to you. After that, we will start developing it. Our custom metal furniture package will include the final installation too. You, as a customer, don’t need to take any risk throughout the procedure.

 Our crew of expert installers are located throughout the country and are well trained in custom metal furniture administration and the installation of products with safety standards.

Custom Furniture For You


Furniture can withstand wear and tear if you give proper maintenance to it. It doesn’t mean that a piece of furniture tends to last long by solely giving maintenance. All it needs is a good foundation in terms of quality and workmanship. There comes the importance of custom furniture. It’s an undeniable fact that while purchasing furniture, we don’t give much thought to custom-made furniture. If you have specific requirements and have enough time to spend, then you can choose custom made furniture. It can be made according to the design, style, color, utility that you are looking for. With custom furniture in your home, you get enough storage space, and can save money besides beautifying your space.


Benefits of Custom Furniture 


Custom furniture can be crafted according to your requirements, be it the dimension, size or design. The furniture piece can be measured and crafted to suit the dimensions of your room. You can decide each and every element of your custom furniture Dubai such as the material, fabric type, color etc and functional aspects like the number of fittings or drawers. You can decide to add storage options as well, thus ensuring good functionality.


custom furniture dubai


One of the best advantages of a custom made furniture is that you get quality furniture for the money you have spent. Since a custom made furniture is made exclusively for you, you can decide the material you like and don’t like, such as plywood. A piece of furniture made of quality material that you chose will surely stand the test of time. You get the quality that you are exactly looking for.




Custom furniture gives plenty of storage space since they can be made in any size and shape that you require. Thus it saves a lot of space, and it will be a blessing, especially if you have a space limitation and utilize the maximum out of minimum space. For instance, if you have a small room and need a bed that exactly fits the room, then it will be better to go for custom made furniture.



custom furniture dubai

Maybe you love the existing furniture in your home, what if your family grows and there needs some extra addition to your home? All you need is some custom furniture, which can easily blend with the existing furniture of your home. Thus, it evades the problem of not being identical to the existing furniture. Whatever you need is, be it an extra cabinet or an extra bed, with custom-made furniture you can easily meet your needs.


Perfect Fit 

Suppose if you have bought a piece of furniture with great interest and later discovers that it doesn’t fit the room? There are instances where an error while measuring can make a piece of furniture unfit for your home. Custom made furniture doesn’t have this problem and fits exactly where you want it to be. Custom furniture Dubai allows you to choose the style you like, to best suit your space.


How Much Does Custom Furniture Cost? 


Many people consider custom made furniture as expensive and opt out of buying it. But one thing that most of us fail to realize is that it takes great craftsmanship and effort in making each custom furniture. Moreover, most builders don’t just randomly fix a price for custom furniture. It’s pricing is a reflection of the quality custom furniture has. Each piece of custom furniture undergoes strict quality control to check whether the piece is made properly or not. Moreover, you can get custom furniture in Dubai inside the budget you have. Custom made beds, table, chair, use quality materials and are with attention to detail. Therefore, all you have to be concerned about is not the price, it’s the quality that matters, after all, they are making your concept a reality.


custom furniture dubai

Sometimes, you have a design that you want to actualize- it can be made real by custom furniture Dubai. Imagine if you are impressed with a high-end designer’s look and want to recreate it. All you do is buy a designer desk, and spend a lot of money for that purpose. Why not think of reducing the expenses by choosing custom furniture?


Considering all these benefits, custom made furniture is a sustainable and economical option for individuals and businesses alike. If you are considering a renovation or buying new furniture for the home, then go no more than custom furniture. Even though custom furniture looks expensive to many, it’s the best option that one can choose. Designer-made furniture is considered as expensive, it has great value in itself. It stands ahead of store-bought furniture with its ability to meet the specifications of customers, besides the quality and adaptability it gives. Only with the right furniture, you can transform your home. In fact, nothing equals the satisfaction that you get when you see your concept actually getting into a reality.

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