Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are versatile façade units that can be combined with the latest in thermal technology and high-performance glazing to become the gold standard to give any space high end ‘architectural look’
By having a choice of over 200 different sections there are so many possibilities to create traditional casement windows inspired by the elegance and styling of timber products, or contemporary style windows designed for modern homes or offices. Available with a choice of hardware and in a range of standard or non-standard colors, including metallic, textured or anodized.
Our aluminium windows are highly resistant to corrosion and rust whilst offering strength and durability. Aluminium windows are relatively maintenance free, built to last and above all, a premium product.  Aluminium is extremely recyclable and very environmentally friendly – it’s lifespan is measured in decades instead of just years.
Aluminium Windows also allow you to have your windows colored in any of over 200 different RAL colors.  It is even possible to have your windows manufactured to have alternate colors on the inside and out. All our products are painted in a polyester powder coat finish, which is renowned for not fading or flaking.

Aluminum windows are suitable for both accommodation purpose and for commercial use. It can create a traditional look by providing the apt color combo and structure and at the same time, you will get a contemporary look with the use of proper detailing.

Why should you choose Rainbow for making Aluminium Windows?

Customized styles

Rainbow Aluminium offers customized styles in accordance with your wish. You can choose the pattern that suits well with your property. It doesn’t matter whether it is traditional or contemporary, we will serve you with the fresh pieces of patterns.

Color preference and backing glass option

Rainbow Aluminium presents various color patterns and glass design option namely Square Leads, Diamond Leads, Gregorian bars, Bevelled Designs, Fusion Bevelled Designs, Stained Glass designs etc.  

We have backing glass options likely 100% clear, Autumn, Sand Blasted, Charcoal Sticks, Stippolyte etc.

Regarding the color pattern, you can either go with the traditional colors, or the customized colors are also available.

Our Products are powder coated

Our Aluminium products are made with an intention to protect it from the wear and tear. It can withstand any extreme climatic conditions. Improved quality and performance is our surety. Our products are powder coated that creates a luxurious look.

We offer energy efficient Aluminium products

Rainbow Aluminium is energy efficient since it regulates the total heat inside the space and you can lesser down the charges that are spending for maintaining good condition inside the property.