Aluminium Sheet Suppliers in UAE

Aluminium sheet
aluminium sheet suppliers in uae
aluminium sheet suppliers in uae

Aluminium Sheet

Rainbow aluminium supplies aluminium sheets of various thickness ranging from 0.4mm – 10mm.
Sheets can be cut to customized sizes and also powder coated.
Single side or double side powder coated aluminium sheets can be made as per custom requirement.
In addition to this aluminium sheet bending and cladding can also be done if required.

Rainbow supplies aluminium sheets for all structural and engineering applications. We stock a surplus amount of aluminium sheets of various specifications to meet our customer’s growing needs.

Aluminium sheets are engineers all-time favorite as it is lightweight, environment-friendly, easily installed, energy-saving, malleable, corrosion-resistant. Also, it provides considerable security for a competitive price. We offer different varieties of aluminium sheets such as perforated aluminium sheet, expanded aluminium sheet, coloured aluminium sheet, aluminium diamond plate and many more. Our aluminium sheets find broad application areas in aerospace, transportation, construction, general engineering, tooling, medical applications, etc. Rainbow is one of the best Aluminium Sheet Suppliers in UAE.

We can supply any size and shape of the sheet that you need, and we customize our works for your requirements. You can find a professional, creative, prompt supplier in us who prioritize customer requirements for an innovative outcome. We assure competitive prices for our high-quality aluminium sheets and offer discounts for bulk and regular purchases.

Aluminium Metal Sheet Fabrication

A sheet metal supplier’s common choice is Aluminium, because of reasons like cost-effective, adaptability, different choices. Different grades are meant to suit different industries- which include both the industries of aerospace and marine. Rainbow being the best Aluminium Sheet Suppliers in UAE, you can expect the best services.


Some of the general aluminium grades are:


Grade 1100-H14  

A popular grade in chemical processing applications

A pure aluminium grade with greater resistance 

An excellent ductile grade meant for welding 


Grade 3003-H14

Sturdier than 1100 grade.

Can be easily welded, cheap, weldable, anti-corroding.


Grade 5052-H32 

A sturdy aluminium grade

A grade which can be easily welded, anti-corroding, formidable.


Grade 6061-T6

Perfect for aircraft-related applications.

Can’t be easily welded and less formable.

Sturdiest aluminium grade


There is a greater preference for aluminium sheet metal, because of its adaptability and other properties for a wide variety of applications. 


Why Rainbow Aluminium?

For those contractors who engage in fabrication, Rainbow aluminium offers a lot of benefits. 


In comparison with steel, aluminium which is fabricated is less prone to rust. Moreover, aluminium will be much stronger and ductile to cut and bend. If the fabrication lacks a good finish, then steel that has undergone the fabrication process will be prone to rust, eventually lessening its life. 

Damage Resistant

Aluminium is known for its heat-resistant property and lasts for a longer period of time. The two choices that contractors most probably choose will either be plastic or aluminium. 

But taking into consideration the vulnerability of plastic, especially in areas with extreme temperature, Aluminium has more acceptance. 


In the fabrication process, steel raises the lead time. When compared to steel, aluminium is a lighter and versatile material using which the fabrication process becomes much simpler. 


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