Aluminium Sheet Metal Vs. Plastic Fabrication


Even though plastic fabrication is reasonably priced, with different aspects, it had a lot of defects. One problem that tops the list is the least resistance to damage. Placed in an environment surrounding a lot of chemicals, extreme temperature or recurring friction, a plastic fabrication will damage easily.

With all these defects in mind, picking an aluminium sheet is much better. Aluminium is more resistant, affordable and much sturdy.


Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrication Vs. Steel Fabrication


For fabrication that demands versatility, aluminium is a better choice since the weight of aluminium is one-third of steel. Steel can rust easily without a good finish but not aluminium since aluminium is known for its anti-corroding property. Steel fabrication is a complex process since it’s not an easy task to cut steel and much stronger when compared to Aluminium.