Aluminium Partitions

Aluminium Partition Wall

Aluminium Partition Wall

Aluminium partition wall systems are designed with flexibility in mind to allow for various configurations.

Aluminium partition wall offer system rigidity in both solid and glazed partition walls and can easily be integrated with other elements of an interior fit-out
A vast range of surface finishes and color options are available, including both anodizing and powder coating, which allow the designer or builder to create the desired interior environment and coordinate with other interior colors.

Internally glazed partitions, as used to allow natural light to transmit through the building which can decrease the amount of energy required for powered lighting. With manifestations fitted to the glazing, these partitions provide privacy without blocking out the light.

When integrated with custom-made light boxes also made at Rainbow Aluminium our partitions provide the right solution for which integrates perfectly with perforated ceiling linings.

Discreetly designed aluminum partition walls of Rainbow Aluminium stand out among the rest for its flexibility, design, and quality. We master in the wall to wall interior services for commercial, retail and public spaces. 

Designing a space satisfying your comfort level requires a lot of flexibility and creativity. Aluminum partition walls are the best choice to fulfill your changing demands and create a catchy eye design for your workplace.

Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand throughout our works, increasing storage space, reducing noise and creating a private area. Highlights of our designs are easy installations, time-bound tasks, durable nature, breakage free finishing.

We use superior quality of material available in the market combined with the latest technology to serve our valuable customers at a pocket-friendly price.

Head on to our contact page for a free quote, and we are pleased to answer your concerns regarding aluminum partition walls installations and services.

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