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acp cladding
ACP Cladding

Rainbow Aluminium offers aluminium composite panel cladding for malls, building facades, shop fronts,office spaces, interiors fit-outs , advertising and signage. We use fire rated panels conforming to industry requirements and ensure a smooth exterior finish without any bends and imperfections.
ALUCOBOND, ALUPEX and ALUBOND panels are the standard brands of sheets we use for all our fabrication unless specified by the customer.

Aluminium Composite Panel is a panel where a non-aluminium core binds dual aluminium sheets. ACP cladding or Aluminium Cladding is mainly used for making surface cladding for building. 

For a long-lived display, you should have superlative material for making it. That’s exactly what we use here. At Rainbow Aluminium, we guarantee best ACP cladding and Aluminium Cladding services par excellence. Our goal is perfection. 


Why Rainbow Aluminium for ACP Cladding/ Aluminium Cladding?

Being an economical material in the market, its best to choose Rainbow Aluminium for ACP cladding and Aluminium Cladding. Initial cost being low and great endurance, one is free from additional expenses. With a supplementary saving of expenses from gas and energy. ACP cladding at Rainbow Aluminium is more or less not prone to breakage and resistant to fire. 

With a booming demand in the field of construction, ACP has got tremendous usage options for builders. We offer predominant ACP cladding services in Dubai adhering to an excellent standard of material and innovation brought to you. The benefit that you get from choosing us is that you will receive, besides ACP cladding, many services just from the same place. 

ACP Cladding Services Aluminium Cladding Services by Rainbow Aluminium offer panels that are versatile which can either be mould into the required shapes. Our panels fabricated by Rainbow Aluminium are such that it can withstand every weather.

The panel is made such that it’s available in the shades of metal, non-metal, wooden and much more. 


ACP sheets have the power to transform the whole way your home and office building look. Choosing the apt exterior facade material is of great importance since it will affect the way a place appears and improves the value of a place. Let’s take a look into the tremendous usages of ACP cladding.

ACP cladding has a greater tendency to sparkle when used in the interior of buildings. ACP claddings have great usage in areas like small and large domestic and commercial spaces. These days ACP cladding is available in numerous attractive designs which gives it a contemporary look and feel.


Variety of designs and patterns and material that are not prone to wear and tear-these are some of the features we at Rainbow Aluminium offer. 


acp cladding

What we normally see as signage boards and hoardings are normally made with ACP cladding sheets. These sheets are preferred mainly with the purpose that it can endure any weather condition.

Strong Physical Properties

ACP cladding is known for its strong physical property, and that’s why it has widespread usage. Moreover, ACP cladding withstands any weather condition and is not prone to rust. Using an ACP Cladding in your home is a great option since, besides these properties, ACP cladding has both the properties of heat and noise insulation.




Known for its eco-friendly nature and recycling capacity, recycling ACP cladding isn’t a big deal and can be done without losing its quality. 

Many a time the ACP panel that you use for construction is a recycled one and sometimes it can even be a part being used earlier. But its easier to recycle the leftover pieces. Aluminium tops the list of most recyclable material.



The weight of construction material will influence the gross cost of construction. This is because of the fact that you need either equipment or means of transportation for moving the dense material to the site and the process doesn’t end there. Then the workers have to move it, which consumes a significant amount of time. Most commonly preferred options besides an ACP cladding are timber, vinyl and much more, known for its weight. And a great option for all these is the ACP panel.

acp cladding


ACP Cladding when compared to other material, for instance, marble is less toxic. The workers of marble production suffer from health issues but not in the case of workers involved with aluminium production. Manufacturing of ACP cladding sheets is done ensuring strict measures.

When compared to other building material aluminium is much safer since they don’t release any gases or fumes that are harmful to human.


Less Maintenance Cost


Maintaining Aluminium Cladding panel isn’t even a task. It’s merely a hypothetical thing. When compared to timber, metals and much more, the maintenance cost is much lower. The maintenance has to be done on the basis of the location, where a rural place with ACP cladding requires less than one cleaning each year and ACP cladding in an industrial area needs up to twice each year. Moreover, cleaning isn’t a task, and anyone can do it.

You can get rid of the soil and dirt in one wash where you can use cleaning liquids for that purpose. 


Least Prone to Catch Fire


ACP cladding sheets have an FR grade feature, which itself means resistance to fire. This is because the mineral core comes in between the Aluminium layers. Rest assured that the sheets won’t be prone to fire up to 600-degree Celsius and resist up to 5 hours. This makes it suitable for usage at a small home to a large building. ACP panels have three layers out of which the middle layer is non-aluminium, and the external layers are made of aluminium. All these layers are made with fire-resistant materials.


Diverse Colour Range


While making ACP cladding decision, you have plenty of options. ACP cladding suitable for both your interior and exterior are available, and you can make the decision regarding which ACP cladding is ideal for your business. ACP cladding will look like any other material used for the same purpose by giving it the same colour as that.


It’s an unknown fact that ACP cladding is available in more than 40 colours. It’s possible that one can easily customise any colour they want for the ACP cladding.


Aluminium sheet


ACP cladding sheets have the great property of customisation. It can be moulded into any shape according to your requirement. Adding to that, these cladding sheets can be painted in any colour which you like, and even you can choose wooden and stone shades to give it an appearance like that.




ACP cladding is known for its durability and lasts up to a span of 30 years. Because of its strong nature, it can be shaped any way you like. When combined with other metals, aluminium gains more endurance.


Corrosion Resistant


So you might be asking why aluminium is corrosion resistant. This is because aluminium has a protective coat on it, which came into existence after the pre-treatment process. But you might have another question in your mind. That is if not treated, then aluminium will be prone to get rusted. But this isn’t true.

Aluminium has a rare property of forming a sheer layer of aluminium oxide. Because of this layer aluminium is free from corrosion. But always remember the fact that places with an extreme level of everything need special ACP cladding- both maintenance and corrosion-resistance.




As said earlier ACP cladding is functional. Some of them include corrosion-resistant, durability, fire-resistant, eco-friendly, and so on. The list doesn’t end here, and also includes safety in earthquakes and makes the space soundproof and not easily prone to damage made by human and recycling quality.




ACP has a great sustainable property which qualifies it for being a building material since one prefers more sustainable material for this kind of purpose. Mostly the material might be used before for construction purposes and recycled later on.


Besides all these advantages there are obviously more advantages for ACP cladding. Other materials aren’t economical than that of ACP. Besides, the application process is so simple and without any complication. Because of simplicity to use and install that ACP cladding became the premier choice when compared to other material suitable for use both outdoor and indoor areas. 

One doesn’t have to worry about transportation since it’s a very easy process. Moreover, ACP cladding can’t be broken easily and have great stain resistance. Moreover, a great advantage is that there is no need for a wall to install an ACP cladding. So one doesn’t have to worry about a dusty atmosphere. A building with ACP cladding is beautiful in its own way. Moreover, it has a unique and aesthetic beauty.


It’s evident that through decades ACP has evolved in the level of applications making it the most suitable material for the construction purposes. With an abundance of benefits on the store, ACP has widespread usage, to the extent that some modern cities are completely made of ACP. 


Now that you have enough and more reasons to settle for an ACP cladding. Why worry about ACP Cladding. Choose services from Rainbow Aluminium.


ACP Cladding Dubai
Our Benefits

At Rainbow, we offer panels that can withstand heavy weather conditions along with soundproof features with great permanence. Further, the panels are made ensuring safety and are not easily prone to fire. Besides, ACP cladding and Aluminium Cladding at Rainbow requires no maintenance and withstands its texture for a long period of time. What you only need to do is an occasional wiping.

ACP has regular usage. It’s a common material used in many buildings and gained widespread popularity in the construction field. ACP has the power to withstand adverse climatic conditions, thus it’s ideal for any season. Moreover, ACP is free from any staining on it. ACP requires less maintenance. You can wipe off any extra soil or dirt with a cloth, thus making it an easily maintained panel.

ACP is very safe to use since it won’t pollute the earth, and it is considered to be much safer, with an added advantage of simplicity to install it. ACP cladding can be shaped in any way the client requires. Installing an ACP panel is always a good choice since it will add a new definition to any space. 

Moreover, ACP is available in plenty of color options. You can choose the color which best reflects the disposition of your business. It will be better if you opt for an attractive color.

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