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As the years go by, aluminium doors and windows require periodic maintenance and repair to ensure the correct functioning of the same. At times lock cylinders get damaged from wear and tear or in some cases the keys tend to get lost, and this requires the change of the lock without changing the door. If you are looking for a Locksmith, then Rainbow Aluminium will be the right choice with for your lock repair Dubai.

Our highly professional locksmith team works for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even in public holidays. We at Rainbow can do complete annual periodic maintenance for individual homes, residential or office buildings.

Our Locksmith Services in Dubai

1. Emergency Locksmith and Lock Repair 
2. Residential Locksmith and Lock Change 
3. Automotive Locksmith and Lock Repair 
4. Commercial Locksmith and Lock Repair 
5. 24 * 7 Lock Repair and Lock Change 
6. Brocken Key Repair Services
7. Unlock Car Services
8. Lock Installation 
9. Lock Breaking 


Our Locksmith Dubai Services

Mortise Locks

Have you accidentally got locked up in your home? Are you moving to your dream home and want a locksmith Dubai to check for one last time? Have you bought a new vehicle and need the assistance of a locksmith? You’ll never know when you want to hire a locksmith Dubai unless there is a need for it. The need for a 24 hour locksmith Dubai emerges when you least expect it. Whatever your need is, you can trust in us. We are renowned experts in lock change, and it doesn’t matter to us whatever emergency you’re caught in. Our locksmith Dubai will provide you with a new key.


A lock change service provider should be trustworthy, experienced hands, with much fame. That’s exactly what we have, at Rainbow Aluminium. We have skilled locksmiths and offer 24 hour locksmith Dubai services that can surpass your expectations. We guarantee that the service is quick and done efficiently.


Take a glance at some of our locksmith services
Key Making

We make a duplicate key set, cutting keys, spare keys, keys required for both home and car.


Lock Breaking

Aluminium Door Lock Change Dubai

Are you stuck in your home because the doors got locked out? No need to worry! Our skilled locksmiths will rush to help you, by breaking the main or garage door, and do the necessary lock change. Did you ever come up with a lock jam situation that demands the ultimate practice of lock breaking? It is not as simple as it pronounces, but our locksmiths are specially qualified to make this situation as simple as they can.


Lock change

The need for a lock change is probably if you have lost the keys accidentally, or if someone misplaced it without your knowledge. The need for lock change comes unexpectedly. If your lock has damaged by wear and tear and want to have high security and peace of mind, then the best choice is Lock Change. We offer best services for Aluminium doors, Aluminium Windows, etc. by using the best lock change practices.


Lock Repair

One thing that is mandatory for the safety of your home is a door lock. Therefore, we should ensure that the lock is in excellent condition. We repair any damage caused to the lock and provide the duplicate keys.

Don’t get panic next time when you get stuck at with your old door. Our licensed locksmith will reach you at the earliest and fix the problem by considering your safety under minimum budget. Lock repair gets simplified by our professionals with modern technology and promising pieces of equipment.

We never know when a need for lock change arises, be it in the day or in the night. The emergency will be worse if someone’s life is in danger, even yours. At that time, what you need the most is a 24 hour locksmith Dubai who can fix the lock for you. We offer lock change services round the clock.


Lock Installation

Locks may come up with several problems because of the daily usage and even with the rust and other chemicals. A new door installation after the door change needs high precise and we are happy to announce that our locksmiths are well prepared.

Rainbow Aluminium ensures complete protection for your doors by replacing old locks with new ones. These lock change is easy & doesn’t cause any damage.

Rainbow Aluminium provides Lock Change and Lock Repair Dubai without causing damage and ensures complete protection to your house, automotive, etc.


Why Rainbow Aluminium?


maintenance company in dubai

Our 24 hour locksmith Dubai always uses the most advanced tools and equipment meant for home and vehicles. We do our job without damaging the lock. We boast of our locksmiths, who are skilled, trained and certified to work as lock change experts. Moreover, we have locksmiths, who will reach the destination in a limited time. All the locks are designed with immense importance given to security.


With a recent hike in crime rate, locks should ensure extreme safety. Damaged locks are always a threat to your home or office. Therefore it’s necessary that you should opt for a trustworthy lock change service.


Issues With Locks

Door locks are prone to a different type of damage, when it can get damaged inside the lock, or if the lock might get loose, or prone to rusting. This can happen not only in the case of door locks in the house but also in your safe or vehicle. Other times, the issues can be a loosened door handle unaligned strike plate or a broken frame jamb. Therefore, it’s better to do a lock change just before any serious accident occurs.


Our locksmiths master in how to carry about a lock change, since we know that’s how a lock change should be done since any lock change done unprofessionally is a threat to the security of your home. Our 24 hour locksmith Dubai at Rainbow Aluminium is well-versed in all problems pertinent to a door lock.



Do You Need a Lock Change?


We install the type of door lock you need. Our locksmiths are skilled enough to repair both the cylindrical and tubular locks. Moreover, we select only highly-skilled technicians for a lock change. Our technicians leave only after ensuring the satisfaction of customers.


It’s been a long time since we started to provide a lock change, and through all this time, our service was satisfactory to the customers. With this, we have a great affinity to our clients. With our excellent performance, we have a strong clientele, who became accustomed to us, through a reference. Seek our services and you will get the problem solved in no time. We owe our success to the locksmiths who worked persistently, with dedication.


Our 24 hour locksmith Dubai repairs any lock, which is damaged, be it in your home, or vehicle. Our locksmiths are skilled enough to conduct a survey so that the security of the home can be improved and instruct you on the various devices for security, with the latest technology. Our locksmiths carry around locks, and you can choose the one you like, which can improve the aesthetics of your home and provide strong security at the same time.


We at Rainbow Aluminium are happy to help you, in any kind of lock change service-be it a replacement or installation. Our experts give you valuable information on lock problems that you encounter.

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