Maintenance Tips for Aluminium Doors and Windows

One thing that many of us won’t bother about after buying the apt doors and windows for your home is their proper maintenance. If looked after properly and regularly, your abode will look more beautiful and welcoming. Aluminium doors and windows, if looked after properly, will last longer than the doors and windows with minimum maintenance. Are you looking for some doors and windows maintenance tips? Then this is for you! 

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Regular Cleaning


maintenance tips


Ensure deep cleaning on both sides of your doors and windows, if you are someone living in a coastal region where the doors and windows will be dirtier. If you ensure regular cleaning, then the doors and windows will look much better and you don’t have to worry about repainting it as well. 


As many thinks, door cleaning isn’t a hard task and not very exhausting. All you need to do is mix the cleaning solution and simply use a cloth to clean the Aluminium window or door. This method is entirely free of scratch marks. For evading from any type of staining in the future, wipe off any excess cleaning liquid.


Routine Check


maintenance tips


Regular cleaning is not the only thing that you should do; ensure a regular check as well. Through this method, you can recognize any damage caused either on the door or window. By doing this, you will be aware of your door’s condition better and make a decision whether you need any repair or not. 


Proper Finishing


maintenance tips


Finishing determines the complete state of your door and window. But you might be wondering why you need finishing? Finishing protects the aluminium and maintains its form. Check for any possible cracks, or discoloration so that you can refinish it so as to prevent any possible damage in the future. 


Periodic Lubrication


Your door’s health is also dependent on lubrication. Many a time give more importance to parts like track, hinge and roller if you want your doors and windows to be free from any unwanted noise and smooth opening and closure. Also, make sure you pick the best lubricant in the market; otherwise, it will make more damage than you think. Also ensure that there isn’t any dirt in the locks as well, and not merely on the doors or windows. 


But be Aware of Things to Avoid While Cleaning Aluminium- when cleaning aluminium, it’s better to avoid solutions that contain Hydrocarbon, Chlorine, etc. 


Cleaning From Inside


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It will be ideal to use a dry brush for the purpose of cleaning from outside, by which you can easily complete the cleaning process. But don’t think that you only need a brush for that, you can also use a vacuum cleaner as well. 


Dealing With Deeply Scratched Aluminium


Seldom there will be deep scratches on the surface of aluminium. If so, this will pave the way for oxidation, and thus locks that area and stops oxidation. It’s complicated to repair this kind of deep scratches, owing to the reason that the mark will remain as it is even though layers of paint are applied on top. Therefore it’s better to leave it as it is, anyways it won’t turn into its original condition as it is since it won’t influence the span of your door. 


maintenance tips

Other valuable tips include:

  • Keep distance from sprinklers outside and ensure that they are not in close vicinity.
  • Ensure door and window dryness
  • Ensure lubrication only with silicone spray.
  • Choose soft material for cleaning purposes. 
  • Do not apply pressure while cleaning. 


Not only the external doors are prone to these problems, but your internal doors are also prone to plenty of damages. Just follow all these tips and you will get long-lasting doors!