How to Replace Weather Stripping on Windows and Door


Are you experiencing uncomfortable drafts in the winter and excessive heat during summer? Weatherstripping fixes this issue by giving proper insulation to the doors and windows. It prevents air leak, thus saving a lot of energy and increasing comfort. But over time, the effectiveness of weather stripping reduces, thus emerges a need for weather seal replacement.


How to Identify Worn out Weather Stripping


There are many reasons why your weather stripping gets worn out. It can be due to-

  1. Ageing
  2. Friction
  3. Elements exposure
  4. Pests
  5. Pets
  6. People


It will be better if you check for air leaks in the windows and doors so that you can decide whether you need a Door Seal Replacement. This should be done at least once in a year. There are different types of weather stripping-


Self-adhesive Foam Tape 


The problem with this type of weatherstripping is that eventually it loses its grip and comes off from the doors or window, partially or completely. It will fail to adhere to the doors and windows henceforth.


But when it comes to the pros, there are many. It’s affordable and common, and much easier to install, available in rolls. The tape prevents any air passage through the door or window sash. The doors and windows will remain safe when it shuts with the passage of air by acting as a cushion. It’s best for windows and doors that are drafty, and have a longevity of 5 years.


Crash Bars

 Rubber and Vinyl Weatherstripping

With the passage of time, this type of weatherstripping can lose its effectiveness and its form. Moreover, it will become cracked, dry and brittle.


When compared to the Self adhesive foam tape, a rubber weather seal tape has more durability and can effectively seal doors and windows. On the other hand, the Vinyl strips are in V shape, and vinyl is used for making this strip. It’s much easier to fit a vinyl strip.


Spring-metal V-shaped Weatherstripping 


It could lose its shape, and get cracks, and become loose when there isn’t any nail attached to it and thus requires a weather seal replacement.


Weatherstripping Replacement


Weather seal change dubaiThere are two types of weather stripping, one that isn’t attached to fasteners and one attached to fasteners. All it takes is pulling off the strip from the window or door to which it is attached to. For strips attached with fasteners then just remove the fasteners and simply pull it off.


Things you need for weather seal replacement are-

Utility knife, putty knife, weatherstripping of your choice, tape, hacksaw, screwdriver, hammer.


How the Surface Should Be? 


Make sure that the surface is free from any particles that can obstruct the weather seal replacement. The surface should be neat, with no moisture content. It will be better if you remove the adhesive sticking on to the doors and windows, which can be done by an adhesive cleaner. Sand should be filled on both nail holes and screw holes.


Tips to Avoid Mistake


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While cutting the metal strip, you should only use tin snip and use a utility knife for cutting a rubber and vinyl variety. During cutting, never bend the metal. To prevent moisture getting inside, the opening should face the elements, in the case of Vinyl stripping.


While sticking the peeling strips, it will be better if you check the temperature- it should be a minimum of 50 degrees. Whenever you are replacing weather stripping, work from a smaller area, so that the doors and windows can be closed without obstruction. To prevent wastage, it will be better if you measure more than once.


While fixing the adhesive-style weather stripping, you should remove the backing while you apply slowly and carefully and press strongly. By doing this, you can avoid the stripping sticking to something else.


In the case of nail-in weather stripping, make some holes so that you can fasten the nails to it. Then you can fix it firmly using fasteners. If yours is a double-hung window, then you can do the window seal replacement by adjusting the sash after applying the strip in the lower half.


Weather Stripping for Double-Hung Window


When compared to other types of windows, you will find difficulty in sealing a double-hung window. But it’s not unachievable. Here’s how-

Remove the old weather stripping and clean any unnecessary paint on the surface. For properly pulling the upper and lower sash, you can relocate the sash lock.


Divide the weatherstripping after measuring the channels in between sash and jamb, by opening the sash in the lower part and plant a strip in between the jamb and sash. You can cut the strip by marking the place where the strip hits the seat of the window. Repeat the process on the other side and in the upper sash.


Afterwards, the strip should be inserted again into the sash and jamb and fix it with a nail. To make sure that the sash packs it, you can raise the strip upwards with the help of a putty knife.


Place the strip in a horizontal position on the window and cut the length required. Don’t forget to cut two more strips like that. As the next step place a strip on the bottom and top of the lower and upper sash respectively. Ensure that the nail sits firm on the edge of the window, and the strips should be fixed using nails gently, not too harsh. Fix the last strip to the bottom of the upper sash. If you feel like moving the strips, you can do it.


Doors and windows cause a serious problem with infiltration, with air leakage. You might have noticed that sometimes the windows rattle, or light coming through a window. All this indicates that it’s time for a weather seal replacement since there is a considerable amount of cool or hot air leaving through the door or window.

Whether your need is a weather seal replacement, there are a lot of choices for good coverage. Before choosing weather stripping, check if the location is apt for it. The very purpose of weatherstripping is to fight damage caused by friction and temperature change.