How Aluminium Partition affects your office structure?

Aluminium Partitions are mainly used in the office to partition the space sector. Nowadays, office partitions are a modern trend in the office interior and interior design industry that fetched its hit in popularity in the office sector. Having a well-equipped office is one of the main concern for many companies because firstly partitions provide a practical function and secondly, office partitions create a modern, stylish and impressive working atmosphere. An office acts as a centralised hub for the entire organisation; it doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, whether it’s an engineering storey, IT sector or Graphics Design company,  its appearance becomes its top priority in your office environment, as well as all other features of the company.

A well-designed office provides a working environment that improves productivity and reveals the standard of the organization also office partitions help to create privacy and sophistication to your office.

Partitions are mainly made for meeting rooms, cabins, interview rooms, discussion rooms and the list goes on. There are a lot of design ideas out there to make your office more attractive, productive and cost-effective. While doing office refurbishment or office construction be very smart and sharp to choose the material for partition.
Permanent walls do solve this problem effectively, but it’s costly instead aluminium partitioning is cost-effective and can remodel immediately, which cannot happen with durable walls.

Aluminium Partition


Why chose aluminium partition?

Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals used in buildings and all construction sectors from industrial buildings to residential homes. According to UK annual production, 150,000 tonnes of aluminium are produced per annum, of which approximately 65,000 tones products and 25,000 tonnes sheet materials.

Aluminium partition is the most cost-effective and durable of the partitioning ranges available because it provides excellent flexibility with installing, demounting and relocating when required. This partition system also offers high levels of sound reduction. They are available in reliable units, with glazing effects and are readily installable with the minimum disorder.

As mentioned above, aluminium partitions are readily available in solid, part or fully glazed effects. Aluminium head channel and galvanised steel stud together with aluminium glazing and door frame sections form this type of office partitions. Feature joints are created using plasterboard with bevelled or negative edges in which panel joints are included. This method is also used to create square edge boards to get a monolithic flush finish. Aluminium frames can be powder coated to meet customers requirement and joints are coated with aluminium cover trims and filled with giving a flush wall finish.


Aluminium Partition

There are a variety of finishes and styles available about aluminium partitions, and they are especially popular when paired with an integral curtain in the cavity to provide a trendy and stylish look compared to regular curtain blinds. Stylish blinds serve great functionality and purpose to increase privacy.

Aluminium partitioning system provides 52db sound reduction ranges, while those with glazing coating offers more sound reduction rating.
It’s important to note that fire protection is required while ordering, fire ratings provide a maximum of 60 minutes in both solid panels and those with glazing. Aluminium partitioning has appropriate insulation and certificates for fire safety.

Types of Aluminium Partition System

Aluminium Partitions are available in a variety of designs, patterns and sizes, let’s discuss a few examples of aluminium partition systems.

1. Aluminium Partition Coated With Aluminium Sheet

The vibe of your office affects the productivity of employees significantly. Bright office with natural lights is a good option for a functional vibe office space. This can be implemented using half glass coated with aluminium sheet.

2.High Structurally Rigid and Light Weight Aluminium

Highly structurally rigid aluminium partition is constructed mainly in silent meeting rooms to make the best decisions and hence provide privacy. Also, the lightweight aluminium partition offers ease in installation.

3. Choose Aluminium with Longer Service Life

Choose lightweight aluminium having a density of about 2.7 X 103 Kilograms per cubic meter at 20°C. They have a more extended service life as they are easy to handle and install. And aluminium is flexible throughout so choose high structurally rigid and lightweight aluminium.

3.Flawless Finish

Retro-fitted aluminium elusion gives a professional, stylish, and refined feel to your office because they are easy to install for a durable and beautiful finish. Also, consider corrosion-free expelled aluminium. These features provide an impressive appearance to your office.


Aluminium Partitioning System makes the ablest decision to save cost without compromising on the model of an office structure. Aluminium partition system makes the working environment more productive and stands for a cost-effective solution.


Aluminium Partition


Summing up, Aluminium Partition provides

A Clever Solution – Partitioning with aluminium is secure and readily installable and can be remodelled accordingly
Best sound reduction Rate
Fire safety assurance
Best Combustion Performance
Easy to style and refurbish accordingly