Double Glass Windows

Double Glass windows as the name indicate have two pieces of glasses separated by a small area filled with air. In order to prevent excessive noise and heat, this double glass windows will be the exact choice. Getting a comparison between the single plane glass over double glass windows to make more sense.   

Single glass windows are made of a piece of a window that will be molded on the way the user needs. The initial cost is considerably less for this apparatus. This window will allow all the noise to get into the room and the seasonal changes will be affected. The insulation effect cannot be seen in this type. If you are having a mild climate and relatively calm neighborhood, then a single glass window is enough. Usually, we spent a certain amount of cost to retain the optimal temperature inside our home, it is great if single glass windows are installed.

In the case of a double glass window, a considerable amount of atmospheric changes are sealed and hence the inner area won’t get affected. The use of the air conditioner and heater will be less since the double glass will create a moderate condition always.    

Benefits of using Double Glass Window

Double glass window will repel a considerable amount of noise that creates a calm atmosphere inside your home. In the case of energy saving, double glass window offers a great deal. If you are having an extreme climatic condition, this window will protect you from it. Whether it is a summer or winter, you don’t need to use other devices to control the temperature if you are using the double glass window. The initial cost may be little higher for this procedure, but in comparison with your effort to regulate the temperature, it is less.

The security concern is the other important feature. In order to break a double glass, it requires great effort and hence the security of your home doubles. If you want to increase the security, you can go for the toughened glass and laminated glass. Our team offers these facilities and the customization overall models are available.

Why choose Rainbow’s Double glass window

While moving for the double glass windows, you have to care of the quality and the way it is getting installed. If it is not proper, it may end up in condensation build up in between the panes and the seal may get broken.

Rainbow’s double glass scheme uses multi-layer and Argon is used as the insulator with a soft coating. It blocks 90 percent more UV rays than ordinary single pane windows.

Rainbow offers customized services in accordance with space and location you are installing the window. Customized is possible in the below-mentioned areas.

  • Varied color options
  • Hardware
  • Grids and grilles for windows
  • Personally designed glass
  • Energy efficient apparatus

Online estimate or in-home estimate is available from our side. You can easily decide what all features should be included in your budget and we are happy to support your needs.

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