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Most of the people think that there isn’t much variation between types of door handles. But they’re unaware that there are various types of door handles, where each door handle has its own mechanism. Door handles need to be selected, based on the function of the door.


Are you looking for a new door handle to replace the old, worn door handles of your home or office space? Knowing the different types of door handle and its mechanism will ease the process of choosing the door handle much easier. 


Wood, brass, brown mineral, victorian bronze, white porcelain, and cut glass are some of the materials that are used for making door handles.


Parts of a Door Handle


The various parts of a door handle, such as the door lever, latch, etc, determine the mechanism by which it operates. These parts also affect its usage and its overall setup. The key parts of a door handle are-

  • Door lever- The part that we normally turn, to operate the locking mechanism.
  • Latch- An internal part, which is normally inside the door to prevent it from swinging open.
  • Latch strike- A groove into which the latch enters.
  • Deadbolt- Additional locking mechanism normally found below or above the door lever.
  • Snib- Additional locking mechanism that can be turned to lock the door.


Types of Door Handle


There are various types of door handles to choose from. Even though choosing a door handle is easy, most of the people are unaware of a few considerations. Each door handle has its own aesthetic value and utility. Therefore, you have to select the right door handle. The main types of door handles are-


Lever Latch



The latch in this type of door handle keeps the door shut.

The door can be opened by releasing the latch. The latch mechanism operates when you push the handle. Even there are doorknobs that operate with the same locking mechanism. Being the simplest type of door handle, a lever latch is normally used in offices and homes. But this type of door handle is ideal for interiors where there is no locking mechanism required because a lever latch has no lock. But you can install external locks in it. For more privacy, chain locks or deadbolts are installed along with this type of door handle. This type of door handle is much easier to use and can be installed with ease. Lever latch handles are available in different finishes and styles. This type of door handle is normally used indoors, in the dining room and living room.


Lever Lock 



This type of door handle resembles a lever latch, with similar parts and mechanism. But what sets them apart is that a lever lock has a keyhole attached to it, beneath the lever. You can open the door when it isn’t locked and it can be securely closed afterward. Lever lock has a built-in locking mechanism and has simple parts and designs. But this type of door handle is ideal for interiors where there is a need for a locking mechanism. This type of door handle is normally used indoors at patios or at the backside of a building.


Lever Bathroom 



The locking mechanism in this type of door handle operates when you turn the coin or thumb turn, by which you can open the door.

You can lock the door from the inside and ensure privacy.

But the door can be unlocked from the outside as well and proves to be beneficial if you’ve children who might accidentally lock themselves in.


Lever Privacy



Lever privacy door handles are similar to lever bathroom with respect to its function. The door can be locked by turning the snib on the door handle. Using a key, you can unlock the door from outside. This type of door handle is normally used in bedroom and bathroom doors. It provides much-needed privacy since only the key holder can unlock the door from outside. Sometimes, this type of door handle is used in the exterior area as well. If you’re using this type of door handle in exterior doors, then you have to add deadlocks for ensuring safety.


Pull Door Handles 



There is no built-in locking mechanism for this type of door handle. It doesn’t require any latch or latch strikes. This type of door handle is made of stainless steel and has a U-shape.

This handle is mainly affixed to doors that are simply meant to open and close. Pull door handles are of two types-

  • Passage handles- Normally used in hallways and closets
  • Kitchen handles- Normally used in the kitchen, for ease of access. It is also used for drawers. 


Lever Handles on Rose



It is a contemporary door handle, which is installed either on a square rose or a round rose. When compared to backplates, lever handles on rose are smaller in size. It can be operated using a latch. To ensure more security, additional locking mechanisms can be used along with this handle. For a neater finish, this type of handle is combined with a door lock or a thumb turn lock.


Electronic Locks


An electronic lock is a locking mechanism that can be attached to the door. There are some electronic locks with keypads in it.


Types of Household Handles 



  • Dummy- This type of household handle is used for ball catch doors, where there is no need for a locking mechanism.
  • Entrance- This type of household handles includes a keyed cylinder. This handle is used on exterior doors.
  • Passage- Passage household handles are normally installed in closet and hall doors.
  • Privacy- This type of household handles includes a keyed cylinder. This handle is used on exterior doors.


Materials and Finishes 


Glass and Porcelain Finishes



Porcelain requires low maintenance and is a practical option, commonly used for internal doors. Porcelain door handles are available in a wide variety of colors such as cream, plain white, black, to name a few. Often Porcelain door handles are combined along with chrome, gold, bronze, and brass fittings. Glass door handles are gaining widespread popularity and are mostly used in bedrooms and kitchens. There are numerous door handle options that are available in combination and bright colors as well.


Stainless Steel Handles 



Being sturdy and made of hard-wearing material, Stainless steel door handles are more suitable for areas with regular wear and tear. It’s most commonly used in kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel handles are available in various grades, suited for commercial and residential areas. Both the black antique and rustic handles are made using cast iron. The final touch is given by waxing or painting it black. These types of door handle best suit period houses and country cottages.


Handles are not only attached to doors but in windows and drawers as well. Normally door handles are made such that it supports the object with enough length so that you can easily push it and with a sufficient circumference so that you can easily hold it.


Door handles lend a finishing touch to your doors. Therefore it’s essential that you need to choose the right door handles, be it for your home or office. Door handles not only last longer, but it gives an aesthetic appeal to any door. Whenever you shop a door handle, various options of door handle can be overwhelming. But you need to consider the security factors as well before you choose a door handle.