Different types of Window Blinds(With Images)


In your home, there will be windows in different areas of every room. There arises the need for a window blind. In fact, window blinds are preferred by most people when compared to other window treatment options, considering the various benefits it has. Not only does it look great on windows, but it is also highly functional as well. By choosing the apt window blind, you complete the look of a room. But do you know which window blind suits your living room or bedroom or any other room in your home? By knowing about window blinds and its types, choosing window blind will be much easier.


Blinds Vs Shades


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Sometimes it will be confusing if you don’t know the difference between blinds and shades while purchasing window blinds. Both blinds and shades mean the same thing. But one aspect separates the two. Blinds consist of a hard window covering with horizontal slats and Shades consist of one or more pieces of material.

Types of Window Blinds


Vertical Blinds


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It consists of individual vertical slats arranged on a track at the top portion of the window blind. It can be opened either side to side or from the middle of the slats. Vertical blinds are apt for the floor to ceiling windows and patio doors. Even though vertical blinds are used for large windows, you can also use vertical blinds for smaller windows too. Vertical blinds prevent the light from entering the room completely by covering the entire window. The main advantages of the vertical blind are that it is easier to install and not very expensive.


Panel Blinds


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This type of window blind is apt for both large-sized windows, large glass doors, patio doors and sliding backdoors. The sections move through the track, where you can open and close it. The speciality with this type of window blind is that it has 3 or 4 wide sections. To allow light to enter a room, you can slide the sections. Or if you prefer to close it, you can slide it back to its normal position. It is economical, durable and easy to clean- these are some of the advantages of panel blinds.


Smart Blinds 


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Smart Blinds are popular these days. Both smart blinds and shades are available, in traditional and modern styles. It can be programmed, through which you can open and close the blinds. Not only smart blinds help in improving the aesthetics of your home, but it also helps to reduce energy costs as well.


Venetian Blinds


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This type of Aluminium Window blind is one of the most common options. It is suitable for any room in your home. The Venetian blinds are just the opposite of vertical blinds and consist of horizontal slats. These slats are normally made of wood, plastic or metal. It is attached to a piece of fabric or cords, where you can tilt it up to 180 degrees. The horizontal slats are joined using tapes- a string or strip of cloth. The horizontal slat at the bottom will be automatically pressed to the slat above it when you try to raise the Venetian blind.


Mini and Micro Blinds 


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These are two different types of Venetian Blinds. The size of the slat sets them apart. Mini blinds are made similar to that of Venetian blinds. The width of the slat will be one inch. On the other hand, micro blinds have half the width of mini blinds. Both the blinds are ideal for small windows in a bathroom or for rooms that need small size window blinds.


Cordless Blinds 


This is one of the most popular blind options these days. Majority of the blinds have cords, by which one can adjust it upward or downwards. But cords pose a risk to children since there is a chance that the cord might get entangled. If the children are young, there will be more risk.

Therefore most of them choose cordless blind for their home since the parents can rest assured that their children are safe even when they are away from children. The popular option is one that can be pulled downwards and can be locked since they are safer.


Outdoor Blinds


window blindsThis type of window blind is normally used on decks and patios to minimise the amount of sunlight and heat or prevent the area from getting drenched by rain. Since this type of window blinds are made to withstand various weather conditions, the materials used for making the blind are both durable and heavier. When compared to window shades that can be used only indoors, you can use the outdoor blind for a longer time in summer or rainy season without any damage. The outdoor blinds are composed of slats close completely and are perfect for outdoor areas.


Benefits of Window Blinds 

A window blind is a great option for the interior of your home, considering the various benefits, such as


Light Control

This is the main reason why we prefer window blinds. Window blinds with slats are much more effective since you can draw it up or down or sidewards and offer much privacy. The drawback of using curtains is that it can’t be closed completely where light enters through patches. But blinds and shades are an exception. Even if you’re opening the shades upwards, window blinds still give your privacy.


Thermal Insulation


Energy efficiency is another quality of window blinds. Since it traps air, you can easily heat or cool your living space with window blinds. In the winter, your living space will be warm since cold air is trapped. In the summer season, your living space will be cool since warm air is trapped. Window blinds are not only energy efficient but cost-efficient as well since it is not very expensive. Blinds are versatile and are available in different sizes, styles and colours within any price range.


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Recently there are some issues concerning window blinds causing danger. The cord of the window blind is the reason where children accidentally get wrapped up in the cord leading to injury or even death. With this reason, nowadays window blinds are made, following safety standards so that there is no risk associated with it. Nowadays, people prefer cordless or smart blinds to ensure the safety of children.




Window blinds ensure privacy. But you need to take into consideration each room, before purchasing wall blinds for your home. In fact, the rooms that need privacy are bedroom and bathroom, when compared to the living room and kitchen. You have to choose window blinds, considering the amount of privacy you need. This is because window shades provide much privacy.



Window blind manufacturers emphasis on manufacturing modern blinds since people are looking for window blinds that improve the aesthetic beauty of a home. In a way, window blinds can make or break the look of your interior.



Since blinds are made of hard material, it is less likely prone to any damage. Hence it will last longer and is ideal for areas with high traffic in the home.


Nowadays, there are numerous window blinds available in the market, in different styles, materials and features. Since there are numerous options available, it will be hard to make a decision. Taking into consideration your necessity and determining whether or not the window blind suits your interiors or not helps you to make the right window blind choice.