Different Types of Folding Doors available at Rainbow Aluminium


When it comes to Aluminium doors, folding doors have a wide acceptance where there are different types of folding doors without obstructing the view on the other side. Not to be confused with bi-fold doors or concertina doors, since both are the same, used to denote folding doors. Mostly folding doors are made of various materials, where the frames are made mostly with aluminium or wood. It can separate either the outdoor area from indoor or within indoors and comes in several meters of width. 


Folding doors are gaining popularity among house owners these days. It can either unite small rooms or divide large rooms. And the great advantage is that they are accessible in different styles and shapes starting with a single panel to multiple panels. So, let’s take a look into different folding door options available at Rainbow Aluminium The Best Aluminium Fabricators in UAE.


Room Dividers


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Even though there are different reasons why a room divider is used, the greatest reason why a room divider is used is to divide a larger room into two. Folding doors are mostly opened from the centre if there are even a number of panels. While in the case of odd panels, the doors are opened from one side. These folding doors have glass and are further known as French doors. 


From the name itself, it’s evident that there will be mainly two panels. But it doesn’t mean that there will be a maximum of two panels. But there can be more than two panels for this type of folding door. Likewise, if there are ten panels, it will still be known as bi-fold doors. The reason is simple, for opening purposes, all you have to do is just fold or slide to one side.  


This type of folding doors are not to be confused with Roomfold doors or interior bi-fold doors or folding sliding doors, all just mean the same. Normally these folding doors are set in a track so as to avoid it from moving unsteadily whenever you try to open or close the doors. You can save a considerable amount of interior space with these folding doors, where you can smoothly stack all the panels to one side. You can even attach an access door to this folding door. And while taking into consideration the arrangement, you have to think of the depth while neatly arranging doors. Two or three doors stacked have less depth when compared to five or six doors stacked together. 


Concertina Doors


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If you are looking for the apt door for your built-in wardrobe, then concertina doors are the best. It consists of panels with a hinge in the middle joining them. You can fold it from the center and tuck it facing the wall. If you are worried about less space, then it’s better to go to concertina doors. 


If you ask which door is the smallest in size folding doors, then it will be concertina doors, made as an alternative to the standard doors. Concertina doors divide living spaces, making it suitable for varied purposes. If you want to make the most of the space, but not willing to make any change to your home, then go for concertina doors. 


Access Doors


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These types of doors are more apt for spacious areas in your home. Otherwise, if you choose to fix an access door in a less spacious room, then you will face difficulty in moving around. It works like a normal door. An access door can be fixed on any side of the opening, where you can open it any direction that you prefer. You can easily move about from one room to another since these doors are available in larger configurations. 


Raised Panel Doors 


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Normally these types of folding doors consist of many sections purely made of solid wood, available in different styles and patterns. Woodworking tools like routers are used to design the doors. These doors are made use of mainly for the closet space. This panel is mainly in the center part of a door, and as the name suggests, it is raised, not very much but slightly. These types of folding doors can be a part of kitchens that are either traditional or modern. This type of folding doors can either be curved or square in shape. It consists of either glass or metal material in the center. You can also use the raised panel door if you want to hide your kitchen appliances. When you need maintenance services, always choose the best Maintenance Company in Dubai to get the best result. 


Different Panel Styles 


Considering folding doors instead of standard doors are always a great option since you can save a considerable amount of space in your home. Normally they are made so as to fit larger openings, which is not enough for a normal standard door to fit in and size starting from 1800mm up to 6000mm. The number of panels to be included depending upon the size of the opening. 


Folding doors can have a minimum of two panels and can have up to six panels. Closing the folding doors are dependent on the number of panels. In the case of a two-panel, it folds onto themself to a wall. For three-panels, it will open to one side.


folding doors


For four-panel doors, one panel is separated from the rest three-panels where both open up opposite sides. In the case of five-panels, all joined together. For six-door panels, it can either be a set of 5 and 1 panel or 3 and 3 panels, respectively. You can choose the panel accordingly by considering all the options. 


Material Used 


Mostly the material in the middle is usually insulating glass and an outer frame made of uPVC, but these days people are more cautious in picking the frame since they need natural frames. Either frame made of wood or aluminium sheet is preferred. But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any pros or cons of these options. Try the best Aluminium Sheet Suppliers in UAE for better assistance.


When we make a comparison between solid doors made of wood and engineered wood, solid wood doors are expensive, but the engineered wood isn’t. The former one isn’t durable, but the latter one is, which makes greater preference for the latter one, but both tops in their aesthetics. 


Mode of Opening 


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The way the panels open is something that you should take note of. There are plenty of options like sliding either to the left or right or from the middle. If you prefer sliding folding doors, then the design of your room will be impacted too. Just before opting for a particular folding door, just imagine how the door will change the entire way the room looks and not merely designing around the opening. 


Cost of Installation 


Many people make a buying decision on the basis of cost. It’s surprising that a half-done folding door will cost the price of half of a solid door made of wood without significant change in aesthetics. 


Folding doors are ideal for an area with a small space. Folding doors are the best solution for openings at wardrobes, kitchen, bathroom, and the list doesn’t end there. Folding doors are an ideal solution for making the best use of rooms, with the way it is opened. 

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