Different maintenance works for doors and windows



Windows and doors have a significant role in the security, appearance, and energy efficiency of a building. Windows and doors have frequently moving parts and are exposed to dust, dirt, debris, and varying climatic conditions. So it is vital to perform various maintenance works for these opening structures to assure performance, appeal, and long life.


Neglecting proper maintenance for windows and doors can adversely affect its functions like safety features, air and water tightness, and can reduce the provision for warranty. 


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Also, in the long run, it can cost you more for maintenance or replacement of the whole structure due to this poor keeping. Try not to coat the metal parts and weatherstrip with paint as it can reduce its performance. Dust the windows and doors on a weekly basis; this is the easiest way to maintain them perfectly. Also, make sure that nothing is obstructing its movement track and tighten the screws if any loose.


Semiannual cleaning procedures with soap and mild chemicals are highly recommended for the long-lasting performance of these structures. However, windows and doors in coastal regions are more susceptible to wear and tear and so require additional and more frequent care. Check for cracks or gaps due to weathering and fill it on an immediate basis as this step alone can save up to ten percent on your electricity bills.


Examine the weatherstrip and replace it if required. In the following part, let us discuss different steps held in the maintenance of doors and windows.


Cleaning insect net


These nets are used when the windows and doors are opened to trap the insects. Even then, a considerable amount of dirt and dust also accumulate in the wire mesh. So timely cleaning of insect nets is desirable for fresh airflow to the room. They can be detached easily from the main structure and clean separately. While cleaning it using soap, bush, and water, be careful as the net can have broken parts, and it can hurt you badly.


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Cleaning the net with forced water from a hose is a more manageable and practical way. After cleaning, you can attach the net to the primary structure as it doesn’t take much time to get dried. Avoid using paper towels for dry wipe as they can leave lint on the structure.


Cleaning and lubricating the moving parts


Doors and windows function well with the help of its moving parts, and most of the moving parts have direct human contact. Wear and tear is expected in case of moving structures, and to minimize this regular cleaning and lubrication is required. Moving parts include hinges, handles, locks, rollers, springs, etc.


Lubricating these parts can help reduce friction and thus increase their lifespan. Avoid WD40 and greasy lubricant for lubing as the former is just a cleansing agent and not a lubricating product, and the latter one can create stickiness, which will catalyze building up of debris. Cleaning the moving parts with dry cloth accompanied by lubrication procedure is appreciated, if you are using water and soap for cleaning the entire structure, let the whole process end and wait for drying to start lubrication.


Silicon spray on window tracks can help in a smooth movement of it.


Maintenance works for glass 


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Glass surface gets dirty faster and is visually disturbing, so maintaining a shining glass surface is a must for a clean and welcoming space. The cleaning glass surface can be thought to be easy but requires utmost care and attention as it is the principal element of a window. Use the right chemicals and clean cloth for cleaning or else it can leave permanent marks and lint on the glass surface. Homemade cleaning solutions like vinegar-water solutions and newspapers or paper towels are used for cleaning glass.


Work rapidly during the process as the cleaning solutions can dry up fast on the glass surface, making the whole procedure cumbersome. Cleaning glasses facing outside is more challenging, and if you find it difficult, a cleaning and maintenance company can do it for you. Never use a high pressured hose and abrasive pads for cleaning glass surfaces.


Cleaning the frames


Exterior frames become dirty quickly and frequently, so the cleaning process should also keep up the same pace. The procedures involved in cleaning the exterior frames are simple: hose down the dirt and built-up debris, scrub the surface with soap or non-abrasive cleaning chemicals with a scouring pad, wash thoroughly with clean water, finally, wipe the surface with a dry cloth or sponge. If you notice any oxide buildup or corrosion or rust, call up a maintenance company in Dubai.


Periodically vacuum the track of all sliding doors and windows to avoid debris buildup. Tracks should have a proper drainage hole to drain water that gets trapped in it. 


Dealing with the condensation of glass


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Exterior condensation occurs when wet air gets in contact with the cold glass surface, whereas interior condensation occurs due to poor airflow inside the house and high humidity. Exterior condensation is not very common but can happen in certain weather conditions, such as a chilly night followed by a warmer day. Exterior condensation is an indication that the glass surface is performing efficiently. To avoid interior condensation of the glass surface, increase the airflow of the space during steam producing activities like cooking, ironing, bathing, etc. Running exhaust fans can help reduce condensation in the kitchen and washrooms.


Moisture buildup between two glass panes may be the result of a failed insulating mechanism and so should be repaired on an immediate count.


When dealing with maintenance works for doors and windows, take utmost care when performed alone without accompanied by a maintenance company. Work with special attention while using ladders and electrical devices. Paint, chemical solutions, primers are to deal with care or else can turn out to be hazardous.


Wear proper eye protection and clothing to maintain a safe working environment. 
Professional maintenance works can stay longer and give you less trouble dealing with 
the hardware parts and chemicals, so call up a maintenance company to help you with the maintenance works
 of Aluminium Doors and Aluminium windows.