Aluminium Windows : The best choice for your windows

Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the world and is a unique material, which is why it is perfect for several applications, from decorative home components to safety-critical components. It is known for its versatility and flexibility. Aluminium is becoming very popular nowadays due to its exceptionally versatile nature, also with the advantages, it has to offer.

Aluminium Windows are a perfect remedy for your house. They have so much quality and advantages that its time for you to replace your windows with aluminium component.

People are using wooden / Timber type windows for several decades, and they will always argue that Aluminium type windows have no such appeal-like wooden ones. However, once you get to know the advantages of aluminium, you will never stick to other materials, as it is cheaper, require less maintenance and is easy to install. Aluminium windows have greater flexibility with the designs.

Colours and design are available in over 200 shades; these factors invoke stability between attraction and durability. Unlike wood and vinyl, aluminium windows are strong and durable. Weight to strength ratio of aluminium alloy is 572 MPs; this proves that aluminium windows are thrice the strength of vinyl windows and more than 50 times as strong as wood windows.

Nowadays, modern aluminium windows include thermal breaks, insulated frames, and multiple panes of glass, which have enhanced their energy efficiency significantly. Unlike other windows, aluminium windows will not rust or bent, since aluminium is a non-ferric metal. Also, aluminium windows are manufactured in such a way that, they never fade; this means that your windows will look fresh with low maintenance. Now let’s discuss the quality and advantages of aluminium windows briefly.


Aluminium Windows



Aluminium has a spectacular property, i.e., aluminium is corrosion resistant that automatically generates a protective coating/layer. When exposed to an oxidising environment, an extremely thin coating is produced and formed, and thus windows are being protected.  As mentioned above, aluminium is a non-ferric element, and it will not rust. Considering this property, aluminium lasts for years. The average lifespan of aluminium is 60 years. Long life span is what makes aluminium durable also requires only low maintenance. Aluminium has another property called structural rigidity, and it will not deform over time. Unlike wood / other windows,  aluminium windows can open and close smoothly for years when installed correctly with aluminium frames.


Aluminium Windows


Thermal Performance:

Aluminium windows are now engineered with the latest technology such that, aluminium windows have excellent thermal and insulation performance. Aluminium windows are energy-efficient windows, which means that the efficiency of aluminium in thermal property is higher than any other materials like timber or PVC.  Thus aluminium windows are energy-efficient windows. Energy-efficient means that less amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home by creating minimal leakage. This is achieved through several processes, an aluminium frame which is manufactured with aluminium components can achieve heat loss and heat gain by 60%. Thus aluminium production has become an energy-intensive process.


Aluminium Windows



Wood / Timber wood windows are prone to bending when it comes in contact with the oxidizing environment. Wood / Timber windows require maintenance,  mainly in the humid climate. Contrary to it, aluminium windows withstand all types of climates and weather with low maintenance.  And also maintenance impacts the style of window you choose, i.e. if its sliding windows, they are easy to clean and requires less maintenance than single or double-hung windows.





Aluminium windows provide high levels of security due to their robust construction and strength, preventing every possible intruder. Aluminium windows and door frames are certified for their anti-burglar protection according to the international standard ‘RC- Resistance’ classification. As aluminium windows are very robust and they work effectively with a large number of mechanisms and accessories.


Aluminium Windows

Flexibility in Designs

As we spent an average of more than 50% of our time inside in our home, peace begins at our home, so does the aesthetic beauty of your interiors in your house. Aluminium windows provide countless design choices with an enormous colour and texture palette available to meet every need and desire. Unlike other materials, aluminium windows have design flexibility without any limitations. The metal flexibility and strength allows manufacturers to design any product according to custom specifications with perfect finishes and glasses. Usually, aluminium windows come with powder coating finish. Thus it does not require repainting. Unique pearl, Metallic and Timber finishes are standard powder coating colours, and you can choose any colour that matches your decor.


Aluminium windows




Aluminium windows are relatively cheaper than any other window frames. Windows can be a considerable investment, from glass cost to the installation of the structures can be affordable while using the aluminium material. For example, wooden frames can be very expensive and require high maintenance. Instead, aluminium windows are cheaper and eco-friendly. Aluminium is also eco-friendly, i.e., it is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Thus aluminium is entirely a sustainable product, and it requires only just 5% initial energy consumed to create it.