Why Should You Choose Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet for a Stylish Architecture?

Nowadays, Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the most sought after option for kitchens. You have a myriad of colour options, styles and designs to choose from, that best suit any home theme.


 Even if there is space limitation in your kitchen, you can easily incorporate an aluminium kitchen cabinet into your kitchen space, so that you can store basic kitchen essentials. The sleek finish of an Aluminium cabinet goes well with any solid surface. For an opulent feel, you can even pair down-light or mirror glass displays along with the aluminium kitchen cabinet.


That said, it’s essential that you need to do a lot of research, before choosing an aluminium kitchen cabinet, that goes well with the rest of the interior design features that your home has.


Why Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet?


Aluminium kitchen cabinets outweigh its counterparts such as wooden kitchen cabinets or fibreboard kitchen cabinets, owing to the numerous benefits that it offers.


Aluminium is considered as non-flammable, odourless and non-corrosive. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are rust-free, termite-free, waterproof, safe and last long. Unlike its counterparts, such as wood or fibreboard, an Aluminium kitchen cabinets have sleek finishing.


Aluminium kitchen cabinets can withstand any climatic condition, without getting affected when compared to cabinets made of other materials. 

Aluminium kitchen cabinets are purely made of Aluminium, without any usage of wood derivatives. 


But aluminium kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be confused with that of cabinets that only have an aluminium cabinet door. It’s not only limited to front panels or cabinet doors but includes parts such as drawers, back panels, shelves, entirely made of Aluminium.


Benefits of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet


The benefits of an Aluminium Kitchen cabinet is what makes it the popular option when it comes to kitchen cabinetry. Some of them are-


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet




Most homeowners face the issue of rusting in ordinary cabinets due to moisture and heat, especially in kitchens. Being a stable metal with an oxidised finishing, an Aluminium kitchen cabinet is not easily prone to rusting.


By choosing quality aluminium cabinets, you can rest assured that there is no such issue in your kitchen.




Aluminium is regarded as the most eco-friendly metal that exists on earth. So is an aluminium kitchen cabinet. Aluminium that is normally used for making an aluminium kitchen cabinet is completely recyclable and sustainable.




The materials that are normally used for making a kitchen cabinet are sturdy, such as Aluminium, wood, HDF, MDF and particleboard. Among all these materials, Aluminium stands apart since it can withstand the heat and moisture that are common in any kitchen.


Since Aluminium cabinets are resilient, it won’t break or warp. This means there is no need for replacement for a longer period of time. When compared to cabinets made of other materials, Aluminium cabinets are sturdy, robust and most importantly, lasts long. Even with less maintenance, an aluminium kitchen cabinet can last up to thirty years.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet


Chemical Resistance


The aluminium surface has a thin oxide layer that protects the metal from weak chemicals. Being a stable metal, Aluminium normally doesn’t react with weak chemicals such as vinegar, ketchup and assorted foods, in case if it has spilt on the cabinet surface.


Also, the powder-coated colours on a kitchen cabinet won’t fade with the spillage of water. Additionally, its surface is unaffected by both gasoline and oil. Therefore you don’t have to worry much regarding the chemical resistance that an Aluminium cabinet has.




Normally, there is no such thing as musty, unappetising smell in the case of Aluminium kitchen cabinets- they are not only odourless but hygienic as well. What makes it odourless is it’s a non-porous surface that prevents any bacterial growth.


Additionally, there is no chance for mildew or mould growth on an Aluminium kitchen cabinet. Because of climate, microorganisms may thrive on dark, shady corners of the cabinet and cause many diseases. Since Aluminium is non-porous, you won’t face this issue. 


Ease of Care and Maintenance 


Unlike cabinets made of other materials that require cleaning materials for cleaning, an aluminium kitchen cabinet doesn’t require regular maintenance.


For cleaning its surface, all you need is a damp cloth with which you can wipe off any grease, dust and dirt on its surface. The lustre and colour of Aluminium stay for long and remains as it is.


Easily Customisable 


Most people have a misconception that aluminium kitchen cabinets have metallic designs that do not at all suit a kitchen. But it’s not so. You can customise an aluminium kitchen cabinet in any style, colour and design that you like. You can get hold of an aluminium kitchen cabinet that matches the overall interior design of your home.


Pest Resistant


Some kitchen cabinets are prone to the infestation of pests, such as termite. Aluminium kitchen cabinets won’t have this problem. You don’t have to worry about any pest infestation with Aluminium cabinets. The non-porous surface of Aluminium prevents infestation of pests.


Important Factors to Consider While You Choose an Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet


The quality and performance vary from one Aluminium cabinet to that of another. That’s why it’s essential to consider various factors, while you choose an Aluminium kitchen cabinet.


Quality of Aluminium 


Since Aluminium is mostly used for making almost all parts of the kitchen cabinet, it’s essential that you choose high-quality Aluminium. If so, then the kitchen cabinets tend to last long.


You can easily distinguish an aluminium with superior quality from one with poor quality, by checking its thickness. But back panels or cabinet carcasses use Aluminium that isn’t very sturdy, to hold any kitchen essential. Therefore your choice should be quality Aluminium that isn’t prone to any deformation or any possible bending. Go for the ones with standard thickness and strength.


Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

Function and Performance 


There are two factors that influence the kitchen cabinet’s performance and function. Firstly, it’s the cabinet parts and hardware. While choosing a cabinet fitting, for instance, door hinges, you need to ensure that it is of high-quality.


If you go for cabinet fittings such as Hettich or Blum, which are of superior quality, the better it will be. For long-lasting cabinets, go for stainless steel screws.


Secondly, another factor that helps in achieving cabinets that function well is skilful installation. Therefore it’s essential that you need to choose experienced, well-trained and skilful cabinet installers. 

Aluminium kitchen cabinets with high-quality fittings and skilful installation tend to last long. 


Existing Style of Your Kitchen 


You need to consider the existing design style as well as the decor of your home before you choose an Aluminium kitchen cabinet. The cabinet of your choice has a major role to play in both the look and feel that your kitchen will have.


Consider whether you want to transform the existing style or stay with the style that you already have. Aluminium kitchen cabinets best suit contemporary style homes. By identifying your kitchen design style, you can easily narrow down the choices of a cabinet.


The advantages of an Aluminium kitchen cabinet outweigh its disadvantages. An aluminium kitchen cabinet has the same versatility as that of a wooden cabinet and is normally sleek and lasts long even with the least maintenance. Even if you wish to re-use your existing aluminium kitchen cabinet in your new home, you can dismantle and assemble it. 


But you have to make sure that whenever you prefer an Aluminium kitchen cabinet, it should go well with the design style of both your kitchen and your home.