Top 13 Types of Aluminium Windows for an Aesthetic Appeal 

Are you looking for an aluminium window that suits your budget? Looking for an aluminium window that suits your home style? You can select one among many since there are plenty of options to choose from. Probably you find it much easier to settle for a window type after getting a perception of different aluminium windows. The process will be much easier if you know what the purpose is related to each door. Let’s take a look into the different types of aluminium windows available for your home, that best suits it. 


1. Casement Windows



aluminium windows

Aluminium casement windows are normally joined to aluminium frames with the help of hinges. Casement windows can be either opened out to a side or can be opened upwards. Therefore there will be less obstruction. Normally one window pane is on the left and the other on the right. Many fail to take into consideration aspects like ventilation, safety, and expense related to aluminium windows and gives more importance to aesthetic appeal. Casement windows can be fixed higher than other types of windows and provides much air circulation. You can keep the windows open even if it’s raining and still there won’t be any moisture content inside. 



2. Picture Windows



aluminium windows


This type of aluminium windows is ideal for home with a beautiful scenic view such as a green garden full of flowers or a lofty landmass where the window highlights the beauty of this place beautifully. But you can’t open these windows. If you don’t take into consideration the ventilation aspect, then you can choose picture windows. The price of these aluminium windows largely depends on the size. Since these aluminium windows lack frame, you will have a much-unobstructed view. Picture windows can be combined with other windows as well. Picture windows are ideal for a room with a high ceiling. 



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3. Single Hung Windows



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There are two different types of hung windows – Single-hung windows and double-hung windows. But the only difference is the movement of either lower sash or both upper and lower sash. These types of windows consist of an upper sash and lower sash. You can operate this type of window by moving the lower sash upwards and downwards. But the only thing is that the upper sash remains where it is. If your room faces outdoors, porch or any path, then single-hung windows are ideal. A single hung window is cheaper and provides less air-circulation. 



4. Double Hung Windows



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With a double-hung window in your room, you can move the upper and lower sash according to your needs. Moreover, cleaning is much easier by tilting and much easier maintenance. This type of window is much costly. And this type of window has a greater preference when compared to other aluminium windows. You don’t have to worry about its cleaning since you can clean it from inside of your home. There will be better air circulation since you can open both the sashes. 



5. Hopper Windows



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This type of hopper aluminium windows can be opened from the top to face downwards. You can spot hopper aluminium windows in cramped rooms, for instance in a bathroom or basement area. This kind of aluminium windows is great in giving great insulation since it closes completely. For security, you can add flyscreens on the top of it. To prevent closing down, an automatic latch keeps the window in position, most probably in ninety degrees. Hopper windows are normally made in double-pane, taking into consideration the weight of the sashes. Moreover, there is size limitation while making the sashes, and that’s why hoppers are fixed in compact areas.  



6. Transom Windows




Whether you are looking for giving an accent to the window or make it a focal point, then transom aluminium windows are ideal for that purpose. You can normally spot a transom window above the door, or above windows that normally have decoration purposes. Usually, these windows have a semicircle shape or a square or rectangle shape. Transom windows have a variety of advantages like illuminating a room with natural light, thereby saving electricity. Besides, these windows, unlike normal windows, won’t pose the problem of giving the inside view of a home to people outside. 



7. Bay Windows



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What makes this window different from the rest is obviously it’s a projection from the wall, thus forming a shelf in the home. The Bay window combines an angled frame where the flat window is located. Since the window is larger in area, the cost of installation is higher. These windows normally comprise two side windows and a center window in the center. The side windows are aligned in 30-40 degrees. The whole motive behind placing a bay window can be mistaken for extra space for accommodation, but it actually serves the purpose of a source of illumination. Many choose this feature since it provides much space to the interior of your home, where it makes an illusion of space than before. 



8. Arched Windows



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Also called radius windows, arched windows are introduced to a room for the purpose of bringing an architectural design. These aluminium windows are fixed and normally placed above another door. But sometimes you can open these arched windows. These arched windows come in different shapes like full-circle, half-circle, quarter-circle, to add the aesthetic appeal of your home, be it traditional or modern.

Besides adding to the aesthetic appeal, arched windows have various functions like illumination, air circulation, without obstructing the outside view. 



9. Bow Windows



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The name itself indicates the shape of the windows- bow-shaped aluminium windows that feel like a circle when viewed from outside. Sometimes the cost of installation of a bow window exceeds that of a bay window, but it’s totally depending on the window panels that you require. When compared to the bay aluminium windows, a bow window comprises more aluminium panels. And if you are looking for petite room space, then you can also add a seat beside the window, that gives you a mini storage space! A bow window can make your room look spacious than before.


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10. Jalousie Windows



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Also known as a louvered window, a jalousie aluminium window is a combination of various metal or glass slats. It opens just like a blind screen. All you need to do is bend the lever where the slats incline sidewards and allow air circulation. These windows won’t create a problem of soaking the floor with water even if it’s raining and lets in the cool air. But people might have a misconception that there won’t be much airflow inside a room with a jalousie window. This is completely wrong and provides greater air-circulation than that of single or double-hung windows. 



11. Garden Windows



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As the name suggests, garden windows are windows used for placing potted plants. Their function is similar to that of greenhouses, where they project outside the wall. Because of its protruding, garden windows make a room feel spacious. These garden windows are adaptable and hence can be fixed in any space which is reasonable. 

Owing to its versatile feature, a garden window is suitable for any type of home. 

Garden windows are normally in the shape of a box. Does your home have extra space and feel like changing the space into something useful? Then if you are into gardening and feel like including some plants in your home, the garden window is the best place for you. Thereafter, plants won’t obstruct your space.



12. Round Circle Windows



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Shapes can evoke interest in your abode. Round circle windows have interesting shapes like round, half-round, oval. Modern round windows were inspired by traditional windows. Round windows aren’t ornate these days but have the purpose of adding light and air circulation. Round windows are unique in their appearance and put an end to repetitive shapes like rectangular or straight lines. The round window is a great choice for new and renovated spaces. If included in a renovated building, changes the whole look and feel of your space. 



13. Storm Windows



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Storm windows are attached to the existing frame of your window, therefore serving as an exterior window. Storm windows control airflow and retain heat when it’s a cold climate. Storm windows suit the places with extreme climatic conditions. Coastal areas commonly use storm windows. Storm windows are cost-effective and eliminate the need for heating equipment. Moreover, besides the function of thermal insulation, installing a storm window will effectively soundproof. Storm windows are available in various attractive colors. 


When it comes to aluminium windows options, they are plenty. If windows were not invented the question of light illumination in your home will remain as it is! Light seeps in through windows without obstructing air current. Also keeping your air current fresh, aluminium windows add a style to your home no matter which style it’s built in-traditional or modern. Each window has its own advantages, like letting in more light or more air or privacy. Some aluminium windows have great soundproofing features and find more usage in places that are normally silent, like hospitals or schools. Aluminium windows are resistant to moisture, and it’s a good choice for moist places. It’s up to you to choose the apt window taking into consideration its uses.