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The Rainbow Group of Companies has established itself as the best Maintenance Company in Dubai with enormous maintenance works. Our company is a reputed provider of aluminum products and powder coating services over the years. We are committed to delivering high quality services and have been successful in doing the same. Since we started our journey in 1985, we have expanded our activities in a manner that makes sure our customer’s demands are met at every point. At Rainbow Aluminum, we have specialists in each of our departments to cater to our clients requirements. We have built an excellent reputation through the supreme services that we provide to our esteemed clientele. Only with our strong and unyielding urge to reach the greatest standards that we emerged as the trusted premium aluminium fabrication service providers of UAE. With our talented body of workers and experienced staff members led by a certified team after undergoing an austere selection process, we guarantee top-notch and economical services to each task we undergo. Moreover, we have our powder coating plant and trading branch located in Ajman and a fabrication unit in Sharjah or sisters concerns in Kerala and Tamil Nadu(India). Currently staffed by 200+ employees we also have our international trading branches in Bahrain and India. 


Rainbow Aluminum is a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers, consistently outperforms our peers, and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees. Our goal is to gain uninterrupted growth by exceeding customer expectations. With our great work experience, we ensure continual growth at present and in the future.


We have highly skilled Aluminium fabrication team that works on fabricating all kinds of windows, doors, mashrabiya, curtain walls, marine systems, furniture, partitions etc. We provide a wide range of services like aluminium windows, aluminium doors, and related services. Our team dedicatedly follows the principle of ensuring high standard service to customers and that’s why we became one of the trusted maintenance companies in Dubai. We strive to provide effective and efficient services than the rest. We are delighted to face the challenge and contentment from approaching each work until its completion.

Why Us?
30+ years of experience
Firm reputation in the Aluminium fabrication industry
Efficient service gaining satisfied clients
Quality as per British Standards
Over 1500 products to choose from with over 200 different finishes and shades.
One of the trusted maintenance companies in Dubai

Steady construction requires solid and robust foundation as well as prosperous relations are built only on faith and mutual respect.

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Rainbow Aluminium
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